Stressed? 5 Ways to Use Herbs to Relax and Refresh


Whether they are growing in your grandma’s garden, sprouting in a box next your window sill or dried and stored in containers in your kitchen cabinet, herbs are an important part of your overall health. Not only do herbs have internal health benefits but also aroma therapeutic benefits. They can effectively play with how we feel and the way our brain works

There is a wide array of herbs out there. From fresh lavender to create a peaceful environment that can put you to sleep to rosemary that you can use or irritated skin. There are a many ways you can use herbs. Here are 5 do-it-yourself recipes that you can enjoy according to your mood when you are stressed and looking for a peaceful environment. You can pick your favorite scent and create your own environment.

Herbal Tea

Things you need:

A handful of fresh herbs (can be any ranging from ginger, garlic, rosemary, turmeric, oregano)
One cup boiled water
Honey (or any other sweetener)
Small plate
Tea cup


Boil one cup of water and add your favorite herb.
Put the lid on for a while. After few minutes, strain the tea using strainer.
Pour the tea in a cup, add sweetener and enjoy.
You can add this to your regular green tea too.

Dream Pillow

dream pillo

Things you need:

Straps of fabric, bandana or pillow case
Needle and thread
1-2 cups of dried herbs and flowers just as lavender, lemon balm, rose petals and chamomile


Make sure the fabric you have chosen is clean.
If not wash it and then cut it two same sized rectangles or squares.
Keeping the same sides on top of each other, sew the two fabrics together, leaving one side open as in to make a pocket.
You can use a spare pillow case in your house too.
Now fill this pillow case with herbal blend and sew the open side.
Put this pillow next to your regular pillows and keep it close when you go to sleep to have peaceful and relaxed sleep.

Aromatic Bath

aromathic bath

This bathing technique helps after a long tiring day. If you need to go to a party after a long day you need to re-energize yourself and pick herbs accordingly such as mint, rosemary or thyme. If you are ready to go to bed after a long day and you need a relaxing bath you can pick herbs accordingly such as lemon balm, lavender and rose.

Thing you need:

Herbs according to the desired affects
1-2 liters of boiling water


Make tea using the herbs that you have.
Strain the tea and pour the warm tea directly into your warm bath.
Relax and soak.
You can play soothing instrumental music for more relaxing affect.

Infused Oil

infused oil

Things you need:

Fresh or dried herbs (depends on your choice and availability)
Two glass bottles with lids
Label and pen
Olive oil


If you have picked fresh herbs from the plant keep it under the sun to dry. This will prevent any chances of molding.
Next chop the herbs and put them in the bottle.
Pour olive oil into the bottle upto the rim to saturate the herbs with oil.
Seal the bottle with the lid. Label the bottle with the name of the herb and present date.
After six weeks, open the lid and strain the oil through cheesecloth and pour the oil in the second bottle.
Store this bottle at room temperature for several days.
The water in oil from the plants will separate in several days.
Siphon the oil, leaving water behind. Add a couple of capsule of vitamin E to keep the oil from going rancid.
This infused oil can be used for massage and relaxing.
Store oil in cool and dry place.

Beneficial Balm

benefical bam

Things you need:

Herbal infused oil
Sauce pan
Lidded container


Heat the sauce pan. Add beeswax and oil into the pan.
Conventionally ratio of 2 tbsp of beeswax to ¼ cup of oil is used.
You can add more beeswax for more solid balm.
Heat and mix the wax and balm at low temperature and stir as beeswax melts.
Pour the melted mixture into lidded containers.
Allow the balm to cool and solidify.
Once it has solidified put the lids on the container and store in a cool place.


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