Stop using Microwave to Brew your Tea – Here is why


It’s a known fact that a better cup of tea is made through a kettle only, not in a microwave. I know one must think that a microwave can heat the water just like a kettle can and it’s way easier and less time-consuming than a kettle. So, why look past a microwave when making tea? Here is why.

Microwaves can heat the water way too much.  You can burn your fingers while taking out the mug and also, you’ll have to wait longer to drink your tea. But most importantly your tea won’t be brewed the right way.

Different tea requires different water temperatures, whether it’s green tea, white tea, or black tea each one of these requires a different temperature to brew.  By using a microwave, you will have no way of knowing the temperature but with an electric tea kettle that has settings for each tea style and even a built-in thermometer, all it takes is a push of a button.

Even by using a normal tea kettle with no thermometer or settings, you can hear the simmering of water to know that it’s ready. The flavor of tea-leaf and bagged teas are more fully extracted by steeping at the right temperature.

Microwaves can cause the water to end up in different temperatures. It will only boil the top of the water while the bottom remains far from it. Whereas boiling water on the stove or within a kettle, will warm the container from below and it will give a uniform temperature throughout the mug.

Tea is best when it’s slow and deliberately cooked through a kettle. So, for maximum enjoyment, skip the microwave.

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