Top 10 Rules to Live By As a Family


Every household comes with their own set of rules. Most parents come up with rules that are necessary for their family to stay in balance and function effectively catering to everyone’s needs. However, these rules are sometimes not clearly defined. In most homes, parents set Rules to Live for children and exempt themselves from the disciplinary way of life. Making rules for the family is like setting your family game plan strong and working together as a team. To help you understand the importance of setting rules and working with them, we have come up with ten amazing rules for every family to live by:

1. Give Respect and Get Respect

Treat yourself and others in a respectable manner. This is the golden rule that should be above everything else. There should be a strict ban on, put downs, yelling, hitting, kicking, pinching, name-calling and everything else that requires you to behave in such disorderly fashion. Practice more empathy in such situations and use problem solving words like please, thank you, sorry, you’re welcome and excuse me when needed.

2. Be Responsible and Accountable

Every child and adult should have this in them to learn to own up to their mistakes, apologize for them and find out a way to make it matter easier. Think about how to find a solution and take action to improve the situation caused by your mistake. If you think, the situation has slipped or is slipping out of your hand, then ask for advice from a parent or an elder.

3. Be Honest and Tell The Truth

Honesty is the foundation for any strong relationship. Having this rule to be the bedrock of a healthy relationship will strengthen your family. You should implement this rule for all members of the family and exempt nobody from it. However, in certain situations that are only meant for adults and need to be kept privy from children until they grow up, you should restrain yourself from being completely honest in order to protect the interests of your children over your own.

4. Be Forgiving and Grateful

It is not easy to forgive but forgiveness simply means to leave behind old grudges and break free from the vicious circle of resentment. Everyone makes mistakes and for every relationship to prosper one must at some point be forgiving. It is important to be grateful for all the things you have and the blessings in your life. Count your blessings and show grace to someone to save yourself from being resentful towards them. Grace is what completes forgiveness.

5. Clean Up Your Own Mess

If you create the mess, then have it in you to clean it up as well. Too often teenagers think that if they spill or drop something, it is not their duty to clean it up. The same goes for adults. It is mandatory that if you are willing to throw a party, then be prepared to clean after yourself as well.

6. Show Respect for People’s Property

If you know how to respect a person, then you should also respect what belongs to them. Learn the art of knocking before entering, asking permission to use something that is not yours and returning something back in the same condition as it was given it to you.

7. Ask Permission Before You Go Out

You don’t live in a hotel; you live with your parents. This makes it your duty to ask for permission and they have a right to know where you’re going.

8. Do What You Have Been Requested

If you have been assigned a task, then complete it on your own without having the need to be asked again.

9. Hear Everyone Out

There are always two sides of any story. Never pick on one side and take a decision. Be the confidant everybody seeks when in trouble. Tackle problems like this on a daily basis.

10. Work Together

Anything can be accomplished with team work and unity. So work hard, work together as a family. Your family comes first no matter what.