The Popularity of Black Friday Sales in Pakistan

SALE I DISCOUNT I FREE – Do we have your attention?


SALE, DISCOUNT and FREE are three words that can pull a crowd anywhere in the world. But when it comes to Pakistan, the mania can be pretty frantic. And this is what gives Black Friday such huge popularity here. Just the idea of getting something for lesser amount or getting two in the price of one is enough to force people into taking an off from work, skipping college or leaving the kids with their grandmothers.

Initiation of Black Friday

Interestingly enough, even though our population is such a fan of sales, Black Friday is only a recent advent. Taking place in the west for years, Black Friday came to Pakistan with the rise of internet shopping, particularly introduced by German Rocket Company’s online shopping domain, They became popular with their easy access to pretty much everything on the internet and delivery systems for homes.

So it was Daraz who decided to launch Black Friday in Pakistan, knowing that it will be accepted and promoted joyfully. According to the co-CEO of Daraz group Bjarke Mikkelsen, “Reaching Rs. 1 billion in sales on a single day is a milestone not only for Daraz, but for all of Pakistan. Ecommerce is no longer a small part of the market, but a cornerstone of the retail market.”

Other brands decided to jump in too like Yayvo, an online shopping forum by TCS. They were able to receive 60,000 orders that were for Rs. 200 million in the first week alone.

Other Black Friday Versions

Now everyone has jumped in, wanting to share the glories of Black Friday sales and revenues. The results are pretty spectacular because people have started waiting for the upcoming discounts with gusto.

The Popularity of Black Friday Sales in Pakistan

Since Friday is associated with religious connotations among Muslims and Pakistanis can get sentimental about naming things, some businesses decided to name the sale day as ‘White Friday Sale’., being the primary promoter of White Friday, is offering discounts up to 70%!

Most brands that go on sale offer mind blowing options for people. It isn’t just online ventures who dedicatedly become a part of the sale festivities. From clothing brands to shoes, supermarkets to restaurants; everyone seems to be preparing for the variety of discounts and sale offers.

But who seem to be the happiest? Pakistanis off course! For them, it is now an international festival they too can joyfully be a part of. When once we only used to hear about grand sales taking place all over the world in the last few days of November, now Pakistanis can join in the sales season.

Are you ready for the upcoming sales?

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