Phantom Bollywood movie – Is it anti-Pakistan or anti-terror?


Phantom Bollywood movie is a political thriller based on the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. The motion picture, featuring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif, is directed by Kabir Khan – a producer who has been in the line of fire over the past few months, due to the movies he has recently made.

For example, when he released Kabul Express, the movie evoked an uproar from a few quarters in Pakistan for mirroring the “customary anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam mindset in India”. Similarly, Kabir’s next movie, Ek Tha Tiger, was banned in Pakistan on charges that it depicted the neighboring nation’s intelligence organization in a terrible light. And this time around, it is Phantom which is stuck in controversies.

In the film, Saif plays the part of an Indian Muslim who gets terminated from the Indian army yet at the same time battles against terrorists. He stays in Kashmir in a discouraged state after termination. After various assaults on India, RAW thinks India is not sufficiently reacting and that they have to contact an insane individual to go there and assault the way they do. That is the point at which Saif’s character is drawn nearer. Saif acknowledges as he need to recover and demonstrate his value to his dad.

Hafiz Saeed does not appear to be exceptionally content with this film. The film speaks the truth; it is about the 2008 Mumbai assaults. Hafiz believes the film refers to the Jamatud Dawa and is a malignant, purposeful bad publicity stunt against Pakistan. The villain in the film is named Hariz Saeed which does not satisfy the JUD. The Jamatud Dawa wants the film to be banned in Pakistan as they label it as anti-Pakistan, however the lead performer of the film, Saif Ali Khan, believes it’s an anti-terrorism film, not against any particular nation.

Saif believes that terrorism is seriously influencing both nations in a bad way and that Pakistanis are enduring as much as Indians seem to be. He says that terrorism harms the common man on both sides of the border and that this movie is a motivational film for both nations to battle terrorists together.

The director, Kabir Khan, believes that if 5,000 individuals were killed in the Mumbai assaults, around 50,000 kicked the bucket in the Peshawar assaults as well. Phantom is not against a nation, it is not against a religion, it is against terrorists and radicals who alone crush the image of a nation and its people universally.

Protecting her film, the gorgeous Katrina said that she believes a solitary individual is doing wrong, not the entire nation. “One of the lowlifes in the film may be from Pakistan yet that doesn’t mean Pakistan is an abhorrent nation. We are against terrorists, not Pakistan or Pakistanis”.

The leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba asserted that the courts in Pakistan had effectively dismissed the allegation of the Indian government about association of the JuD or any of its pioneers in the Mumbai strike.Then what is the purpose for making such a film? The United States of America has set a prize of $10 million on Hafiz Saeed. He is a wanted terrorist. The inquiry is that should Pakistan or its authorities listen to organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamatud Dawa? Do terrorists have a say? Will they connect the courts? Why aren’t they being arrested instead?

Sindh Censor Board’s chief Fakhre Alam says that,

“We have an arrangement of standards and regulations that we have to maintain. The parliament has given us an arrangement of directions and we tail it religiously.”

Apart from that, Fakhre Alam was disappointed. He said we took the important precautionary measures, but we guaranteed that Bajrangi Bhaijaan was not disrupted. He wished that Maharashtra government had done likewise for Bin Roye.

The Indian government did not permit the arrival of a romance film Bin Roye in India and are currently making mayhem in the matter of why Phantom is not being discharged in Pakistan. The hypocrisy is too prominent.

There has been no judgment made till now with respect to Phantom’s release. We will watch all tenets and regulations and if the motion picture Phantom submits to the directions we are given, it will be released. Fakre Alam has previously gotten threats for permitting the arrival of Bajrangi Bhaijan yet he went ahead with it regardless.

We anticipate that he will settle on a legitimate choice soon.