Pakistani Celebrities Talk Ramadan 2015


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Consistently amid this month, Muslims around the globe spend the day time in complete fast from sunrise to sunset. Amid the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims everywhere throughout the world go without food, drinks, and other physical needs during the day time from Fajr prayers till the Maghrib prayers. As a period to decontaminate the spirit, refocus on God, and practice selflessness, Ramadan is considerably more than just not eating and drinking. This month always arrives with incalculable gifts and blessings. Muslims respect this holy month and enjoy their altered routine due to this month.

Children and young ladies tensely sit tight for Iftar, the time to break their fast, and set up a pleasant luxurious feasting table with a mixture of mouthwatering food items full of nourishment. This is just one side of the story though. The poor penniless Muslims are not disregarded, Muslims take it as their obligation to bolster the destitute and give out Zakat to make their life simple and monetarily stable.

For each Muslim this month acquires comparative changes to their routine however stars and celebrities dependably have an occupied calendar and way of life. Let’s see how some of the famous Pakistani celebrities spend their month of Ramadan.

The attractive and humble Hira Tareen, talks about Ramadan. Hira is a model, actress, host, DJ and an art director. She’s received success in just about everything she’s done and soon made a strong footing in the industry.

To me, Ramadan is a time for self-reflection and building inner strength. It also means reminding yourself of all the blessings you take for granted and really practice patience, restraint and discipline so you can start to value all the things that allow us to live and be happy. In addition it means continuing on with the good deeds and restraint with the same level of dedication as you practice in Ramadan. It’s also a great time to give to the needy. Naturally there’s a lot of festivities which this month brings, and includes spending time with family and loved ones. So one does notice a change of routine and planning your mornings and nights differently because of the fasting schedule but it’s a nice change which is very nostalgic of childhood memories. Plus I don’t mind the late night shopping hours!

Addressing the delightful Juggan Kazim, let’s uncover how she spends the month of Ramadan. Juggan has been a successful actress and host. She has a vast experience of television under her belt and is currently working for PTV.

As you know I have a show on PTV (Pakistan Television). I do my morning show and afterward directly from the morning show I join the Ramadan transmission which is active for all 30 days of the month, I stay there from 1:00 pm to 8:45 pm. So basically I spend my Ramadan with my TV family, the family that is available on the other side of the screen, our supporters and fans, our viewers. They cherish us and we adore them thus I invest a large portion of my energy for them. Ramadan to me is not rushed or hectic at all, instead it is one time I generally anticipate and welcome. Nowadays there are so many transmissions that go on air amid Ramadan so for some hosts it is the ideal time to kick back and get back in real life on television. Individuals take part in these grand Ramadan transmissions and win valuable gifts and vouchers, it is a decent method for engrossing and helping the poor in the meantime. Just like Christians have their Christmas we have our Ramadan and we celebrate it to the fullest. Tragically in Pakistan it is not celebrated like many other occasions, as opposed to commending it individuals have a stricter and calm methodology towards it, I have an alternate method for taking a gander at things most likely. I accept Ramadan is a period of festivity. Ramadan then Eid, it is an excellent feeling. This is a month of giving, of being liberal, kind to our kindred creatures, being centered on religion. When I do these Ramadan transmissions and when I comprehend what it implies, it turns out to be all the more stunning. Prior I had less information of things. I used to miss Ramadan when I was in Canada, it was not like it is here in Pakistan clearly, the fruits stalls, fried items, dates stalls and so much more, it is similar to a month long celebration.

I have my child and clearly when I am not home despite everything I have to verify everything is situated up for him. Hamza is grown up now. I verify that before I leave or the time I get at home I set up everything for him. Drinks, food items, whatever he enjoys and needs. It is fun putting your hands in the “bowl” to make “Pakoras” and what not. I used to see my elders make delectable things, which I learnt from them. This month is loaded with blessings, and we all ought to appreciate this month and praise it.

Happy Ramadan.

Let’s see what the gorgeous show stopper, Sana Sarfaraz has to say about Ramadan. Sana has been a total stunner, every time we speak about the fashion world Sana Sarfaraz cannot be over looked. She has her own identity, her own charm and her own place in the hearts of her fans and the industry.

Clearly Ramadan changes my normal routine, you cannot go out and eat straightforwardly. In fact there are no good eateries that are open. This does not mean I don’t fast and all, just expressing a thought (Laughs). I try not taking up work in Ramadan, if there is any exception, as if the task is vital or if a shoot should be done on a dire premise then only I show my availability. It is clearly difficult to fast and furthermore work, it depletes you. I ordinarily don’t get up for Sehri, as we don’t particularly plan extraordinary dishes for Sehri, we eat what is there or was cooked for the supper. “Mai raat ko bus neyat ker ke sojati hoon,” (I make my intentions of fasting at night before I sleep). It is intense for some to fast and work yet it is not in that capacity and it is troublesome for me considering my low appetite. I recall this amusing occurrence, I had a shoot thus I was not fasting, each eatery was shut so I ended up purchasing a juice from a neighborhood shop which I started having there only. I recieved some savage gazes from the people around and the retailer himself. It gets extremely cumbersome I must say. Amid Ramadan you would scarcely get anything to eat from the stores so it is better that one fasts. In the event that you don’t fast for some substantial reason individuals begin passing judgments on you which isn’t right and grievous. Once I had to break my fast before time as I got dried out because of this outdoor shoot and had a juice, by and by I had to experience heaps of gazes which was obviously not cool.

I was dependably against the idea of extraordinarily cooking distinctive dishes for Sehri and Iftar. It winds up in wastage of food items and we ought not to overlook that we live in a nation where a massive number of individuals sleep on pathways without eating at all. I am additionally against eateries propelling Ramadan arrangements and all. This month is to put a control on yourself and figure out how to live in extreme conditions, not to be taken like a celebration especially when you have such a large number of miserable and sad incidents going around you to stress over.

I ordinarily eat “Anda Paratha” for Sehri. At my place we don’t generally make “Samosay” or “Pakoray”. They are oily and unhealthy. We ordinarily have typical lunch at Iftar time. In the event that we have visitors coming in then clearly we cook and plan pleasant sustenance things for them. I typically make the less troublesome things, such as “Pakoray” and “Rooh Afza” if any visitors are coming in (Smiles).

The most annoying thing is when individuals lose their temper and start up quarrels and fights on menial issues. I see such a variety of mishaps in Ramadan. I would ask for each Pakistani to keep a control on their temper and spread love and happiness, not pointless fights and quarrels.

The young and talented VJ Yusra tells what Ramadan means to her and how she spends this month. Yusra has been on TV for many years. The young VJ started her career when she was 13 years old. With being on TV for several entertainment channels and doing commercials for well-known brands, Yusra has a lot of experience in the showbiz. The still model and VJ just did her debut drama serial and stepped into the world of acting.

Ramadan means cleansing of the soul and a month of acceptance to me. I spend it praying and fasting. It is a much awaited month for me, I spend time with my family, my friends and cousins going out at eateries and cafes right after Iftar to enjoy and make memories. Ramadan shapes my routine in a way that it helps me have more fun and enjoy my time to the maximum. I usually stay up till sehri offering prayers and watching television or movies with my younger sister. Right after sehri I offer my Fajr prayers and hit the bed. I make sure I offer my prayers on time.

I usually do not like eating registered Ramadan food items like “Fruit Chaat” and “Dahi Baray”, but I do not mind having fried good items like “samosay” and all. I help my mother in preparing food items for Iftar time. At home, we celebrate Ramadan. It is a month to sacrifice and maintain control on yourself but is also a month to celebrate, meet friends and family.

Happy Ramadan, stay happy and do not fight each other. It’s all about patience and tolerance. Do not fail the test.