Long hair and men: Ponytails or rat-tails?


For some women, the trend of men having long hair is a turn-on factor. But, there is obviously a hunch to it. Long hair depicts a man to be hot looking and rebellious. And unless you are Johnny Depp or his doppelganger, you are certainly not allowed to put your hair in a ponytail

Women are clearly not attracted to a man having the same length of hair as them, so much so that you start looking like their girlfriend. Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey is considered to be ‘a real man’, but I don’t see Ana braiding his hair.

So coming back to the question, are ponytails hot?

I would say not.

Ponytails are the exact opposite of something that would attract a girl. Even though man buns maybe in fashion or whatever, please pay attention when I say this, not everyone can pull them off.

To reiterate, let me narrate an incident to you.

The class I study in has no other female student except for me. Therefore, everyone is accustomed to having just one girl in class. Anyway, over the summers, I decided to carry a different hair style and went with a long bob-cut style – just to see how it goes. Surprisingly, this made my hair almost the same length as that of a boy in my class who usually dons a ponytail haircut. One day, the boy and I were sitting in class, alone, and we were coincidently wearing same colored-shirts, so we supposedly looked identical from behind. I had let my hair down whereas the boy decided to take my hair band and tie his hair up into a pony. This was when one of the other boys came into class and saw just pony boy and I sitting there. As he approached us, he extended his hand towards my shoulder from behind, in want to have a handshake. Feeling his hand, I turned around to check and on seeing me, his reaction said it all. He thought I was the boy, and the boy in the pony was me!

This is what I meant when I said that one should not only know what the correct length to keep your hair is but also to not put it up in a ponytail. A great majority of the whole look of the ponytail depends on two factors, the texture of the hair and the length. Now this goes out for women as it does for men. Short hair and curly frizzy hair ponies are nothing but a ball of hair that a cat has coughed out. Same goes for the men hosting to long ponytails with fine textured hair. Earth to the dude, your hair looks like a rattail… not what you are aiming for.

Guys, if you’re to look like a man, in no way are you going to pull that off by wearing a hair-tie on your rat-tail ponies.