Healthy Activities During Ramadan


Ramadan is a month to build up self-control, to ask for forgiveness, to go without unlawful exercises, to stay away from eating and drinking, and to concentrate on your religion. It is indeed, the most awaited month for the Muslim community around the world.

This time around, Ramadan has fallen in a climate that is essentially hotter compared to the previous years and days. Furthermore, fasting hours this time are much longer and dreary. That implies additional planning and knowing your exercises during fasting hours and thinking about healthy supper arrangements amid non fasting hours. Being well prepared is essential for good health and endurance amid the whole month.

Know what hydrates your body. Due to the increasing heat in almost every part of the country, I firmly suggest everyone to consume as many healthy liquid items as possible, such as water and natural fruit juices. Mint lemonade would be a pleasant alternative to help your body perform well under heat. The local “lassi” made out of yogurt and fresh sugar cane juice are also good options to fight the summer heat.

Undoubtedly, we all like going out to our favorite eateries and bistros with our loved ones to enjoy the heavenly scrumptious “Ramadan Deals” and “All You Can Eat” offers, yet you should not overlook the fact that a fasting individual needs healthy, nutritious sustenance that gives the energy important to the needs of everyday life. No other time of year is more imperative than amid Ramadan when we’re fasting for extended periods.

In Ramadan, make sure that you eat nutritious food and not junk nourishment. Products like chips, processed foods, and the like are full of unnecessary ingredients and should not to be utilized as a side dish. How will you go through the day and then a night of offering prayers to God, if your sustenance does not provide you enough energy? Rather, look for fresh fruits and vegetables in the local market or nearby grocery stores. They are for sure going to be more healthy and nutritious. In Ramadan, many of us like having the famous “fruit chaat” on our iftar menu. Make sure it is made out of fresh fruits and not the canned processed fruits. The “Pakoras” you love should be home made. Try to not purchasing fried items from the market during this month to prevent any serious health consequences. Try avoiding “white food.” They include white rice, white sugar and white bread. Instead try consuming whole wheat products and organic brown sugar. Go easy on carbs and hopefully you will have a nice healthy Ramadan.

What to do during the fasting hours is again a nice question. Healthy Ramadan activities include exercising and working. In fact, it is something that should be done consistently. Recent research demonstrates that fasting for 30 back-to-back days without working out can bring about a relapse of fitness and wellness. People who regularly exercise at least three days a week for 11 months, but abstain from exercising amid the month of Ramadan, frequently confront a setback with respect to cardiovascular and resistance adaptations. The ideal time to work out is around 90 minutes before Iftar. This is because as soon as you feel exhausted you’ll be able to eat and drink to feel better and stronger.

Doing nothing is never healthy. During your fasting hours, plan iftar parties and gather with your friends to have a nice healthy time. Try having fun and take your day lightly. You can play some nice computer games but don’t immerse yourself for the whole day. Read books, articles and blogs which can be very beneficial. It helps you to kill time and also gives you some good amount of knowledge. As the sun starts going down you can help out in preparing iftar. The helping hand is always appreciated. Males can visit their nearby mosques and socialize and get closer to God. During non-fasting hours make sure you do not miss your Tarawih. Right after you are done try being active, and go play street cricket under the lights. Girls at home can watch some nice content on the television and stay entertained till the sehri time. There is a lot that can be done so gear up and plan out your activities and meals well.