Have we become slaves to technology?


The one thing that defines each and every one of us is our identity; who we are, what we do, how we interact with other people, what makes us happy, and how often we use our full capacity to reach our full potential as individuals.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that we have changed because of technology, but is it safe to say that this is a positive advancement? Now-a-days, every single person uses technology – be it children, teenagers, adults and even the elders. Technology is of high importance in today’s world as it makes everything easier (and us lazier), injecting to our belief that it is making our lives stress-free. But over the past few years our society has become dependent and enslaved to technology. In addition, people have become sluggish in their everyday life routine and even impatient

The younger generation was already the best example of how being slaves to technology looked like, and now, the older adults have followed suit. People no longer have to go out of their houses to do the daily chores such as, grocery shopping. Why? Because of online shopping; everyone can order online from their homes instead of stepping out, and driving themselves to shopping malls and having to be tired of walking around in the malls to get what they want. We are oblivious to how technology is subliminally trapping us to stay home.

This use of technology is making us lazy and is becoming a major health impediment.

The quality of education has been improved as it is much easier to obtain with online programs and software that are fun too. Technology has made education more provocative providing computers that allow one access to unlimited information about everything in the world. But with that, the importance of books and libraries have started to age as kids now prefer to sit in their rooms over tablets or laptops to find what they need. They do not find joy in holding a book or going on a trip to the library, which is harrowing.

Communication is now more efficient than before with help of cellphones. People can now communicate with each other all around the world. Then again, there is a major drawback that has left to us to lack on our social skills. Go to a party, and you will find yourself using your phone rather than making a decent conversation with someone there.

Technology has filled our lives with entertainment with inventions such as the TV, computer and video games. Although it’s fun to spend time having movie nights, or catching up on your favorite TV shows on YouTube, and playing video games with your friends, there are however major negative effects. One of the biggest drawbacks is slothfulness, which eventually leads to obesity. Have a look at our younger generation. They will hardly have it in them to be interested in doing any sort of outdoor activity and getting a breath of fresh air.

The usage of computer has encouraged cyber bullying. This is when someone online bullies another through different platforms. Cyber bullying has been a cause for many suicides and is one of the most harassing acts of the younger generation.

Technology has both, positive and negative sides, but one thing that really catches the attention is how can technology change our mind? How can it shape our mind? Just like drugs can change our moods and physical performance, it is believed that technology can also do that.

Before technology, the human identity was unique and real. Humans were defined by their family values and their own personality. There was a proper social life, and recognition of different people in your life. As the industrial revolution came, people had a real sense of the self because they were offered rewards for initiative, ingenuity and ambition.

As the advancement of technology took place, the concept of self is also got lost. First individuals used to create their own identities, now they follow the identity of other people like Tom Cruise, Christian Bale and other celebrities. In short, the behavior, mindset and way of doing things have become dependent upon another.

People are much more thrilled by the two or three dimensional world of computers than getting thrilled by real world and what’s actually around them. Today’s technology is already producing a marked shift in the way we think and behave, particularly among the young, and this shift is not a positive thing. We need to change our ways before things get out of control. A serious lifestyle change is needed at this point.

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