Groom’s Disaster Kit


It’s your wedding day! The day you dress up and see some of your relatives cry as you tie the knot with your lovely bride. Just because this day mainly focuses on bride’s it doesn’t mean you get to take a back seat and enjoy the event.

While you might feel confident that you have everything covered, things can change quickly so, it’s better to be prepared all the time. To avoid any unnecessary mishaps on your wedding day, it’s best that you bring these items in case of emergency.

Tide Pen

The last thing you need is any sort of stains on your beautiful suit. So, make sure to carry a tide pen with you to handle any possible accidents.

Cure for Migraine

It’s going to be a very long and maybe a fun day. If you get a surprise migraine or headache, Panadol will surely come in handy.

Extra Shirt, Tie & Socks

If the tide pen fails, it’s best to have an extra shirt, tie, and pair of socks on hand all the time.

Cell Phone

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and active beforehand in case you have to get in touch with someone.

Cologne & Deodorant

Deodorant and cologne are necessary especially if your wedding occurs on a hot summer day. So, you need to apply deodorant and spray a few squirts of cologne right before you meet your bride face-to-face.

Breath Mints

Since you’re going to be hugging people all day, you should make sure that your breath is minty fresh. You don’t people to talk about how bad your breath smells.

Lint Brush

No one likes dust or fuzzies on their suit, especially on their wedding day. That’s where lint brush comes in handy. Make sure to carry a lint brush in your disaster kit to deal with some dust and annoying fuzzies.

There you have it! As I said earlier, it is really necessary to carry most of these things on your wedding day. Trust me you will need these things.

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