Fresh and Fun Wedding Ideas


All things considered, this is the thing that really got me into writing this up for the wedding season! It ought to be fun and have your mark style in it. No, it doesn’t imply that everything must be costly or over the top. You can simply incorporate couple of basic and fun things amid your wedding preps to make it a little ‘hatke’ from the others.
All those who need to add a little fun and ‘masti’ to their shadi, here are some fun wedding ideas which will definitely make your wedding an event to remember.

1. Dancing with ‘Happy Feet’

With girls ‘tick tock’ their way around the hall/ shadi venue, it gets slightly hard to come to the dance floor being footloose. So why not place some flip flops/ chappals for the ladies who wish to break a leg by not actually breaking it. Cheaper on the pockets how? Buy them through wholesale in a variety of sizes to get the dance floor going.

2. A confessional video booth

For a crisp turn on the hot photograph corner pattern, hire a video stall where visitors can record a speedy on-screen message for you. Ask your videographer to alter some from the best videos into your wedding video. If you really want to go extravagant with this, then by the end of the wedding, play these live as it is for the bride and groom as a ‘best wish’ treat from all the guests.

3. Pre- Anniversary wish boxes

You just may have gotten married, but it’s probably the craziest idea to have your guests wish you at your wedding day for your coming significant anniversaries. Keep as many boxes as you’d like, I would suggest to make one for the 1stanniversary, one for the 5th, and for a 10th. This way the guests will have chirpy yet loving wishes for you to open on your special day as they witness you on your wedding day. This is an equal treat for those that participate in writing the wishes and be placed in the boxes, and the couple who only is allowed to open the boxes on their anniversaries.

4. Advice Tree

Everyone loves to be an advisor, and what better advice than on the topic of marriage. Like a wish tree, have an advice tree where guests can write down advices for the newlywed couples to read on to as they lead to a new life together. This is fun in all ways as guests come in all ages with an experience of your own to personalize your wedding to be truly cherished by them as to the advices they give which may just come in handy and they be thanked later on; reviving a flashback to the big day.

5. Have a hashtag!

With everyone so upbeat and everything going viral these days, it is obvious so will your wedding updates and all. So, why not have your own personalized hashtag?! It’s quite simple and fun, combine either the names of the bride and groom (shanza and Osman= #shanman) or something that’s related to them especially, and upload everything underneath it. Be it posts, pictures, tweets, videos or so on. It will not only be easy to find these things online under one hashtag but, also make you feel like a sensation to having your own hashtag and having memories of your big day for it.