Forget YouTube! Patari promises a new era for Pakistan’s music industry


Pakistan’s music industry has everything; singers, musicians, composers, producers, music channels, record labels and what not, but still the industry seems to be dead.

How else would you term it? With no local music, no local bands and almost zero Pakistani songs on air from local channels, ‘dead’ is the only word that can best describe the situation.

Extremely talented singers are de-motivated and wasted, producers are not getting work, and composers are making beautiful compositions that are being used as OSTs of jingles. Nothing is going in the right direction. Indie musicians and rookie artists have no platform to showcase their talents. Record labels are drooping, the restriction on sites like YouTube is awful, and live concerts are an uncommon event. It is all very unfortunate but still some one seems to be trying hard to bring the music industry in a revival process.

Pakistani music is hard to find or download for music lovers as there is no way to find every song of every artist on one site, and most singers don’t even maintain their social media fan pages. To solve this issue, a startup group has made great stride under Plan9 by PITB. The group put a great deal of efforts, gathered all of Pakistan’s music, sorted it out and has at last made a cellular application that has it all in one spot. The name of this progressive application for finding and streaming Pakistani music is Patari.

Patari basically means a snake charmer’s wicker; so the thought is that Patari will be an individual’s hub of entertainment. Just like a snake moves out of his basket on the owners wish, Patari will be there to answer all your demands. It is a web application. It can be easily downloaded to a mobile phone or an iPad. Patari will offer premium memberships.

Individuals download innumerable songs today from deluge websites which is illegal and the team (singer, composer, and producer) who put incalculable efforts in delivering a melody, doesn’t profit out of it. So the thought behind this venture is to make a lawful stage and empower the artists to profit and promote their music. Their profits will be divided in a very simple way. The artists get 30 percent cut from the income. This appears like an exceptionally liberal and beneficial arrangement.

Many individuals have disregarded the music they grew up with and are unconscious of the steps being made nowadays. Patari plans to change that. They’ve put the needs of the artists up front and gotten their work done. Presently, they have marked deals with around 80 record labels and so are all set to be the next big thing.

I was very impressed by this new promising site. If team Patari puts forth a concentrated effort, they can get a strong footing in no time. Glitches are dependably a vital part of a beta test. When the site opens for the general population, I’m certain Patari will get a vote of certainty and people will simply love it. As Patari is an invite-based site, you can get your invite from Patari’s Twitter or Facebook page.

Enjoy, as the revival has just started.