Foods to Avoid Before Your Wedding


You have the dress ready and all fitted waiting to be worn on that very special day. But, what if your bridal dress doesn’t fit you on your shadi day because of the bloated and puffy stomach? It is going to show in all of your side poses and nobody wants to keep that as a memory. So, how about you avoid it at the first place? Here are a few foods that you need to avoid before your shadi.

1. Fries, A Big NO!

This is no time for your comfort food. Throw away all those macaroni and cheese. Stop drooling over pizzas and large fries. Infact, just get rid of everything that can make you fat. Such foods only increase your cravings. Stock your fridge with veggies and fruits. I know that sounds boring, but, just stick to it for a while to get rid of the extra fat on your stomach.

2. Coffee and Caffeine

Coffee and Caffeine

You wouldn’t want your photographer to capture those special moments of your life while you are all shaky and anxious. If you drink coffee regularly, cut down a month before the big day so, that you don’t have to go through the with drawl symptoms just before walking down the aisle.

3. Beans can Bloat You, Avoid It!

Beans can Bloat

Certainly, a good source of protein, but it might make you a bloated bride. Beans, chickpeas, spaghetti, broccoli and cabbage are out of the question. They make you gassy and can cause constipation as well. However, they are nutritious so you may find their substitutes and can eat them once in a while, after your big day.

4. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Fresh breath is essential but, find something else rather than a minty gum. You probably carry it around all the time and you think it’s the best idea just before your wedding. Well, even this tiny thing can give you gassy and bloated stomach without you even noticing it.

5. Dairy Diary

Dairy Diary
You may not be sensitive to dairy, but a lot of people out there might be. If you are sensitive to dairy products, it may lead to bloating, cramps and constipation, which is an awful package and that too just before your wedding. However, you may have a little bit of Greek yogurt every now and then.

6. Cut Down on That Big Bag of Chips


Even salt can cause discomfort to you. Cut down on those salty chips as the sodium retains water and may add up a little to your weight. You should try to stay under 2,300 mg of salt per day.

7. Fizzy and Bubbly Drinks

Fizzy and Bubbly Drinks

Carbonated drinks are not a very good option whether or not you get married. They contain chemicals that make you fat and the bubbles make you feel gassy and bloated which you certainly don’t want just before your wedding. Smile freely dulhan-to-be without any hustle