Father’s Day Special


I often watch my dad, as if you are watching the sea while feeling the sand beneath your feet. As he comes back home from work every day bringing us all the things, we need as kids.

They say that fathers are closer to their daughters and mothers to their sons. My parents avoid this statement in trying to keep it a balance for the love they have for all their children. However, I do believe that fathers are closer to daughters, and this I found out with a lot of time, fights, and deep rooted affection that’s been there since day 1 when he first held me in his arms.

All the fathers, no matter what their occupation is, are ordinary men at the end of the day. For them, being a father, is a means for them to be the concrete foundation that their children can raise their buildings on. They may not be there all the time for us when it comes to parent-teacher meetings or coming to see your school plays or sport days. But, they will always be there when you ask about the real things that will give you a kick start at life.

Have you ever had a look at your father’s hands or his eyes? They grow tiresome as they work longer hours to give you the perfect good hours, as kids, during the day. They don’t complain once or even brag how much they work and put in their efforts to get you all that you whine and demand for.

When I think of my father, I could find no other man that I can say, ‘you are the first man I truly loved because he will always be that.’ Not because I am biologically connected to him but through all the emotional father and daughter moments we have shared. He is the first one to wipe my tears and compliment me when my mother puts a new dress on me. He is the first one to take me for a walk and buy me the goodies for my sweet tooth. And last but not the least, he is the first one to fulfill all my cravings just by giving him one call to ask him to get me this or that at the last minute on his way home.

As much as there those fathers that have been a great deal of support and cherished their children’s lives, today I want to send a special message to those fathers too who have abandoned their children or even have become the reason for their deaths.

If you have the ability to bring someone into this world, which I would say, you’re blessed and it’s miraculous that you can; then have it in you to be there for them, like a real reason for their existence.

To the fathers who give up on their sons for not fulfilling their dreams or raising their vanity, don’t lose your son to pride. He means a lot more when he will carry out your surname in the society in whatever manner he does, just believe in him a little.

To the fathers who brutally forget that precious entity called a daughter, seeks for her father to be there for her every step; not be a reason to honor killing for taking a step.

This father’s day I would like to give a wake up call to all the fathers, children and even the wives of those fathers, appreciate and respect this title called a ‘father’ for not everyone is blessed to be one and have one.