When Men Mistake Professional Networking Sites For Dating Apps – #Everyday Sexism Women Face

This needs to stop.


It’s insane how quickly professional lines blur out these days and people think it’s okay to have a casual conversation with you on professional forums. I’m sure girls can relate to this because not only do we face this on social media platforms, including Facebook or Instagram but also on professional forums like LinkedIn. It has become very common for random men to mistake this professional-networking site for a dating site while they hit on women repeatedly.


It’s rather annoying yet super unprofessional because ethically it is a complete no-no. It also shows that women are evaluated for their looks rather than their accomplishments, and find it demeaning to be reduced to their physical characteristics.


We take a look at some of the ways men try to do this while they make a complete mockery out of this strictly professional website. While women have the option of blocking people, it is extremely disappointing to see this kind of behavior on literally every forum towards women.

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This was back in October 2018 when a woman name Megan Stickland was bombarded with flirtatious messages in her LinkedIn inbox. She shared this just so the world can realize the level of sexism women go through everyday.

While she shared this important message, she openly criticized the everyday sexism women face in different workplace capacities.


This is just one example to demonstrate the issue of objectification women have to deal with every single day but thousands of women go through it and choose to stay silent about it. It is time to speak up and raise a voice against the #everydaysexism women face in every domain possible.

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