Educate a girl, educate generations


Teaching young girls is a perfect way to counter world issues. Young women in this part of the world (Pakistan) should be empowered if we need to advance and prosper. Poverty, hunger, health and wellness issues are all more or less related to female empowerment. We simply need to educate our women. There cannot be any excuse to it.

I recently got to know about the “Ladies Fund” and “Educate a Girl” crusades happening in Pakistan and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The dedication to guarantee comprehensive and evenhanded quality education for women is a part of the UN’s development program which is incredible for a nation like Pakistan. Scholarships are being given out to young girls who need to acquire education and specialize in a certain field. Girls are being instructed and educated about journalism here, which is obviously going to give them massive exposure.

I believe when you educate young women, you are essentially educating an entire upcoming era and secure a more beneficial and prosperous future for yourself as well as for your nation. Surprisingly, there are numerous economical, social and political factors linked with educating women, some of which can be mentioned here:


When and if women in Pakistan are educated, they will have healthier children and would also subscribe to family planning ideal. Why would that be? Women who get an education are more open to the idea of proper family orientation and they also get married later, after having fulfilled their desire to establish a career. Alongside this, they would also understand to properly bring the child to term, taking care of all the unborn baby’s medical and healthcare requirements.


Women are educated are less inclined to contract HIV and AIDS, and accordingly, more averse to pass it onto their kids. This is because they are more aware of contraceptives and understand what is meant by safe sexual activity; so as to not contract any STDs. This keeps the partners safe, men and women, and in turn keeps the baby safe too in case they decide to start a family. This would unquestionably diminish maternal and infant mortality rates.


When we educate a woman, we educate a family. She will grow up to be an informed mother and will further guide her children to get education. Along these lines, the entire family will be instructed and in the more drawn out run, the entire generation will be educated.

Therefore, it is needless to say that the campaigns started by the UN are not only needed, but most-welcomed. Inquiring further about the Ladies Fund and EAG campaign, I met the president of Dawood Global Foundation and founder of “Educate a Girl” (consultant to the UNDP), Tara Uzra Dawood. Ms Dawood explains,

“This is phenomenally helpful for girls because vocational training is the key to sustainability, job security and livelihood for women. Not only are we upgrading the level of journalism here but we are also enabling softer headlines”.

I even got a chance to speak to the chairperson of the fund-raiser event happening in the Ladies Fund for EAG, Ms Nazneen Tariq. She discusses,

“To me, the campaign of ‘Educate a Girl’ is something very close to my heart. Educating a girl is important because this girl, whom we are planning to help acquire education, will someday be a mother. Mortality rates have gone down recently because of educated mothers. It’s happening everywhere, it’s happening in India, why can’t we do it for our girls? Up till now, we have educated around 831 girls, for which we are thankful to everyone who helped us with their donations and we shall continue to strive further”.

I wish good fortunes to all those who are a part of this campaign.