7 Easy Steps to Healthy and Bouncy Hair


Want thick, long, voluminous and bouncy hair? Keep your body, soul and mind in harmony. According to a research from George Washington school of Medicine the health of your hair is directly affected by any nutritional deficiency in our body.

Genetics, stress, imbalanced hormones, drugs and dietary deficiencies have been known to cause hair loss over the years. Your facial attractiveness has a lot to do with the appearance of your hair too. So it isn’t as simple as just using the right products or eating the right foods, one has to make sure they lead a healthy lifestyle in order to have amazing healthy hair.

It hurts to see hair strands departing; all girls can sympathize to such a feeling of loss. So next time you feel your hair is losing their elasticity, thickness or smoothness, consider what you eat and how you feel.

But apart from all those behavioral changes that you can easily make in your life, here is a list of things you can start doing today to get naturally healthy hair:

A Freshwater Trout or Salmon

Get some protein in your hair by catching a cold water swimmer like sardine, trout, salmon, pitcher or kipper from the freshwater. These fresh sea creatures aren`t just a source of protein, but they also provide essential fatty acids like omega 1 and 3 plus iron. Essential fatty acids are crucial for hair and nail growth states, university of Maryland Medical Centre.

Sprinkling Black Sesame Seeds

Next time you order your favorite maple syrup pancakes, don`t forget to sprinkle a handful of black sesame seeds on top as they are known to stimulate hair growth from the root. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are also known sources to naturally generate active metabolism in your hair, making it look thick and healthy.

Broccoli, Spinach or Sprouts

You might not be the biggest fan of broccoli, spinach or sprouts but they are more important than you may know. All good things always come with a little setback. In this case, it’s the taste. Dark green veggies are an excellent source of Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium. All these minerals are necessary for the production of natural hair oils which produce shine and elasticity in your hair.


Many people feel that there is no nutritional value to eggs but they are seriously mistaken. Nutritionist cannot argue the presence of amazing chemicals present in eggs that help make hair think and healthy. Lately there has been great hype about biotin, vitamin B7, found in egg yolk. Biotin helps to increase the thickness and reduces the fragility of hair strands thus preventing hair fall.

Inviting Ponytail

The key towards an inviting thick ponytail or braid is eating beans or legumes. Beans have B7, B12 and iron in them which help to protect the hair follicle and thus prevents hair fall.

Let the Shellfishes Be Selfless Studies indicate that deficiency in Zinc and selenium result in depletion of hair. The best sources of zinc are walnuts which also contain fatty acids essential for hair growth. Selenium has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Shellfish is known to have selenium. This infamous creature might prove itself as `selfless’ by doing some good to our hair.

Some Spice

Turmeric, an Asian spice is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It also stimulates natural corticosteroids which help in hair growth. Turmeric along with cumin helps to protect the hair follicle against dying and aging. We hope that these tips were helpful to you and that this information could be the first step towards a life full of beautiful hair. Stay healthy and stay beautiful.