Desi and Co. – the new spicy sensation in town


We all love to eat out and discover new spectacular eateries in Karachi – from dhabas to fine dining, there’s something to suit every taste.

My niece, a couple of friends and I are turning into “asal foodies” these days. So this Saturday was a ‘try new restaurant’ kind of a day and we visited the much anticipated Desi and Co. in Phase IV. Our dinner this weekend was purely authentic desi food at a small and cozy place down the road from Burger Shack on Sehar Commercial, where the famous Salman Pani-Puri used to be, next to Bravo Bakery DHA.3

desi and co 2

There’s a great feel to this place as you walk in and we were warmly welcomed by the attendants.  It is a tiny place with just about three to four tables that can take probably 15 to 20 people at a time. Despite the space limitation, they have set the place up well, with a small, red-bricked wall on one side to give it a very desi touch and a decorative colorful handcrafted wall piece in the center.

desi and co 3

The walls on the opposite side have interesting wordings in a simple frame placed in a very casual way. Next to this is a waiting area, with a captivatingly bold, orange-painted wall behind, displaying a synopsis of what Desi and Co. is really all about, making it look extremely cheerful.

desi and co 4

They had a very interesting menu that allowed us to choose our own paratha; with our choice of dough, its shape and size, preferred oil to be cooked in and spice level. It offered options of filling flavors for paratha stuffing and selecting any two sidelines to go with the dish. All items on the menu are a must-try at Desi and Co.

desi and co 5

Since we were hungry, we ordered the Chicken Tikka, Chicken Afghani and Hara Bhara Aalu parathas, alongside their special Chicken Mandi which arrived in about 20-25 minutes.

desi and co 6

Each of these three parathas had its own intricate seasoning flavor and was absolutely yum. Astonishingly, the parathas weren’t soaked in excessive oil and the filling in them was just right. Aalu paratha was delicious and my niece was very happy with the order that she placed. Afghani paratha had a different flavor and was delicious too, whereas Tikka paratha was just spot-on! The chutneys and raitas were finger-licking good!

desi and co 7

desi and co 8

I must say that the Chicken Mandi (Arabian dish) had a very interesting flavor. It was exciting to know that the rice with dish could be refilled if need be. I thought it was brilliant and though I didn’t have any past experience to compare it to, I am sure to go back and tingle my taste buds with this dish again.

desi and co 9

Even though this is coming from a total no paratha person, we had a lovely meal over the weekend! Overall all employees were friendly, the service was swift, and the bill indeed was very economical and surely, pocket friendly.

My niece and myself are Saturday-breakfast-out sort, so we were happy when the waiters informed us that they make Desi Nashta with Parathas, Omelettes, Channay, Aloo Qeema, Lassi, Chai and more! So our next plan would be for breakfast.

Desi and Co. is a very simple and promising new eatery in Karachi, with a good desi mix of spices and tastes that makes a sinful menu; a must-try! The tagline “Crave. Eat. Repeat.” will certainly get us visiting this place very soon again!