Dear women, time to speak up against workplace harassment


Now-a-days, workplace bullying of women has become a silent epidemic that has huge hidden costs in terms of employee welfare and efficiency. No matter what’s your profession, harassment of any kind has no place in the workplace.

Harassment or discrimination of women at the workplace is a very common issue in our society and also a very serious one. Countries have laws that have been enacted to address workplace harassment, be it sexual, psychological or discriminatory by the male members in an organization. It creates a hostile working environment that discourages her from getting involved in her work and affects her growth in the society.

Yes, we do have laws and women are more aware of their rights then they were a decade ago, but still, workplace harassment in our country is taking shape as an ugly threat. In a nation where acid attacks, rape, and murders present a depressed picture with increasing statistics, we need to examine deep down our souls and search for solutions.

This occurs because women lack power, are in more defenseless and insecure situations, lack self-confidence, and/or have been socialized that they are to suffer in silence.

In some cases, the victim is economically and emotionally dependent on the attacker. Furthermore, the abuse is shameful, so the victim is driven to keep it secret. Women can also become targets of such behavior when they are seen to be competing for power or take on new roles.

Women should know the various types of harassment and discrimination, so they can identify it if it happens to them.Some common forms of workplace Personal – Sexual harassment and discrimination are:



Women’s silence happens at every level, in companies of all sizes.We need to show that we can have a vibrant and honest conversation, because if the conversation is about change, we have to take ownership.

The hurdles women face are genuine, and so are the consequences for many who speak out. If you’re the wage earner for your family, the last thing you want to do is risk being fired. But that’s precisely why more women, not fewer, need to find the courage to speak.


Women, if you want to be heard, if you need justice and if you want to help other women not facing the same as you, then you’ve got to speak up. Roar!

Organizations are committed to preserving and maintaining a work environment that is respectful and free from discrimination, harassment and/or violence. It is the responsibility of all employees to foster and encourage such an environment and the responsibility of management to monitor and intervene to ensure it.

If we work together and speak up every single time — not complaining, but just raising awareness — if thousands of women in thousands of meetings bring it up, that’s when the change will happen. It won’t end discrimination, but it’s a good start.

Take your happiness in your own hand and don’t let anyone bully you!