Club M launches Social M in Karachi


As a part of their expansion plans, renowned fitness center Club M has dispatched a one-of-a-kind bistro named Social M. Social M is located inside of the club premises and they recently had a ritzy launch ceremony, which I was a part of as well as a few famous people from the fashion and film industry of the country.

Taking a gander at their menu, you can say that the club is planning to give its members a sound and safe snacking through which they can feel invigorated without consuming superfluous calories. Social M offers meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As I further walked around the club I understood the club has a library, a separate space for salon services like pedicure and manicure, and a massage room. In addition, the VIP lounge is where live music will be played to entertain members. The library is made for book lovers to invest energy in peace while perusing their most loved book over a sip of espresso.

The club/cafe is inspired by international health and wellness centers. By combining health and a safe social atmosphere, it gives its members a chance to get fit and enjoy a perfect socializing spot – something that is different compared to exercise centers or clubs nearby. It intends to provide various health care facilities under one rooftop. The proprietor, Mustafa Umar, and his team are looking forward to welcoming individuals by giving them a platform that will bring them to shape in no time.

Before the launch of Social M, a few big names were already members of the gym.

Overall, a great effort is made by the brains behind Club M. The only thing that may be of concern is the space. The setup is done amazingly; however, accommodating a large number of people might be an issue. We wish fortunes to the group and congratulate them on their extension.

The bistro has been delightfully structured and will definitely inspire you on your visit.

Below is Club M’s tariff detail


  1. Registration: PKR 15,000
  2. Cardio + Strength Monthly: PKR 8.000
  3. Cardio + Strength + SSJ Monthly: PKR 12.000


  1. Cardio + Strength Monthly: PKR 5,500
  2. Cardio + Strength + SSJ Monthly: PKR 8,500

In Light Weight package they offer Quarterly, Semi-Annually & Annual memberships as well; with just one exception of Happy Hour.


Monthly Fees: PKR 3,000


  1. Per Visit Charges Cardio + Strength: PKR 1,500
  2. Per Visit Charges Sauna, Steam & Jacuzzi: PKR 1,500

Note: Males will be served by masseurs & females will be served by masseuses