Camphor (Kafoor): Super Benefits You Need to Know


Camphor , also known as Kafoor, have been typically utilized in mothballs plus some medical formulations. Additionally, it is utilized in a multitude of other purposes, together with other comparable plant produced chemicals, which includes film manufacture, plastics, lacquers, etc.

Following are some of the benefits of Camphor you need to know about.

1. Kafoor Stimulates the Digestive System

Camphor has been utilized in Ayurveda to promote the digestive system since it works well to secrete numerous juices and also enzymes necessary for food digestion.

2. Anti-microbial and Insecticidal Properties

The extracts of Kafoor leaves are tested for their anti-microbial qualities that are proven to manage bacterial as well as fungal stresses. Therefore, an age old practice of utilizing Camphor just as one anthelmintic drug in Ayurveda is clinically confirmed.

Anti-inflammatory Properties Camphor (Kafoor): Super Benefits You Need to Know

3. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Kafoor has been utilized in conventional medications to treat muscular pains as well as rheumatism. The extracts of Kafoor have not been restricted to muscular pains only, but also helps decrease levels of cholesterol too.

4. Anti-oxidant Properties

Researches on Kafoor extracts have demonstrated considerable anti-oxidant actions that help lessen the entire process of oxidation which can lead to the creation of free-radicals. Free-radicals could disrupt tissues as well as cells within our body and also result in diabetes, liver diseases, and cardiovascular diseases and in many cases, even cancer.

5. Protection Against Harmful Chemicals

Research on kafoor extracts reveal that they are able to control toxins which affect in the genetic level. Animal tests have demonstrated that administering camphor extracts pre and post exposure to such chemicals decreased the potential risk of genotoxicity to the significant amount.

Protection Against Harmful Chemicals

6. Stimulant & Diaphoretic

Camphor oil is an effective stimulant, that helps improve, metabolism, the circulatory system, digestion, excretion and secretion. This particular property works well for dealing with health conditions related to improper circulation, digestion, sluggishness or even over active metabolic rates along with few other health conditions.

7. Antiseptic, Disinfectant, Insecticide, and Germicide

Camphor oil is a wonderful , insecticide, germicide as well as disinfectant. It may be included with drinking water to sanitize it, especially throughout the summer as well as in rainy months when there is a greater possibility of water becoming contaminated. An open bottle of camphor oil, or even burning a bit of cloth soaked in camphor oil, repels insects and kills germs. Camphor is additionally utilized in several healthcare formulations such as ointments and lotions to avoid skin diseases, bacterial and fungal infections on the skin.

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