Bye summer vacations! Hello school!


With summer vacations finally ending, it’s time to head back to school. And as much as it pains students, they have no choice but to go back.

However, there are both pros and cons to getting back to school. Some kids yearn to go back while others lament over waking up early and doing all that homework.

For me, here the pros of going back to school:


I still look forward to buying new and shiny pens and notebooks, despite being in university now. Walking into any stationary store transforms me into Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I am astounded with all the goodies that are around me. I gush over the scent of fresh notebook pages and books. I think for most kids, this is a factor they also look forward to when it’s time to hit school again. This becomes a motivation for them to work hard (at least that’s what I would tell myself), to use the new pens and fill up the notebooks with new dreams. Putting it in simple words, I think new stationary makes any kid want to excel when going back to their studying mode.


Meeting school friends after such a long vacation is always exciting. There is so much they want to share, so much they want to give away and it all becomes so much fun!


The keenness to learn something new is definitely a pro. As you get tiresome of the same subjects, teachers and classroom, you ache to have that changed. Most kids even prep talk themselves a week before to how they plan to do better than before or tackle a problem that they previously had. Having new teachers is and will always be a major curiosity to any student. As rules change, you have to mentally set yourself to adapt to the new teacher’s vibe.

But where there are pros, there are definitely cons too.


This is probably the most devastating part, where the weekdays no longer seem like weekends. It’s like a major reality check for some people, and it is hard to grasp that summer vacations are over. You no longer have the luxury to proudly tell your mom or dad that you’re on vacation when they scold you to study.


For me, this is the most depressing part of having to go back to school – waking up early in the morning. Setting your alarm each night without having the feasibility of joy to snooze it up to whenever you want is like walking into a black hole. In other words, you’re a robot once again.


I think it’s just the adrenaline rush that makes you want to have your first assignment for homework to do because you haven’t been so proactive with your brains over the summer. But once that is done, it’s a sorrow to have to come home knowing that you have tons of work left to do.

Be it the restoring of a balanced routine or the ending of a beautiful fairytale, when it is time to going to school again, you don’t have much choice. It is what it is. So make the most out of it.