8 Sneaky Signs He’s Into You!


When a girl meets the right guy, their souls connect, sparks fly and love happens. Yeah, right! What a load of crap. Okay, maybe someone out there is lucky enough to find love at first sight, but most of us have difficulties finding the right pair of shoes to wear, leave a life partner. However, if someone really likes you, there are some subtle signs that you should learn to recognize if you don’t want that special someone to get away

1. One of the most common things, guy who likes you would want to do is, to spend time with you. Simple and easy, ain’t it? They might go to plans just because you’re going. Or they’d pick a class you’re in and would want to sit with you. ‘Coincidently’ showing up at your favorite restaurant right after you checked in on Facebook. No matter how subtle these signs may be, it for sure means that the guy in the least finds you interesting.

2. In this day and age, social media gives you all the answers. Including, whether or not that hottie from Chemistry class is really interested in you or if he’s just being friendly. If a guy likes you he might send you Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram requests, to name a few. He might even like a picture or two if he’s really, like really interested in you, but chances are, they will silently stalk you and pray you are doing the same.

3. When all your conversations end up being about your likes and dislikes, your family and your life in general, then know, that he’s trying to find out as much as he can about you, because he likes you. If you’re incredibly conceited and won’t stop talking about yourself. In that case, please stop.

4. Body language is one of the most important signs. If he’s constantly leaning into you while talking, or if he’s doing things like touching your arm or brushing past you, know that he’s not doing it by accident ;)

5. Is he laughing at all your lame jokes? Is he taking your side in an irrational fight you had with your best friend while you were PMSing and are clearly at fault? If yes, then hold on because he’s a keeper.

6. It’s all in the eyes. They say, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. If he looks in your eyes and you feel an unmistakable spark, know, that you guys are more than just friends. Even if his body language doesn’t say it, his eyes will never lie.

7. Guys are usually confident and sure of themselves most of the time. If he likes you, you’ll make him nervous. And when he’s nervous, he’ll do things like fidget with his tie or hair or finds himself tongue tied or slurring his words. Do not have fun with this, but take him out of his misery and tell him like it is.

8. Everyone is different. Some guys are more playful while others are serious. Some are found comfortable talking about their feelings while others may box up their’s. It is unfair to categorize all men as one. If you really like a guy, a better idea would be to man up and confess as opposed to analyzing his every move looking for signs. It’s a woman’s world and we can do anything and everything we put our minds to. Just have confidence in yourself.