8 different types of students you find in class


School, whether its grade or university level, always has a bunch of variations to the categories of students we encounter.

At university level, I myself can say that there are many types of kids that sit together in this one room for hours and I can tell you that it is an epic sight to see if you have experienced the many kinds of students you get in a class.

To really think of it, you get many types of colleagues at work too. Of course they’re described from a different perspective and point of view, but they also have their specific classification traits that set them apart into the many categories that exist. What are these categories, and what are these students like?

Let’s take a look at this classroom of aliens.


This type exists in every class. Where they are most likely to be made fun of, they are also mostly feared. They happen to have the highest grades in class, complete their assignments on time, do them really well, and have at most two, or zero, friends in class. These students become the favorite ‘best-friend-forever’ of every student when it is time for exams.


This guy/girl is probably the life of the class. When he/she is not present, the class seems gloomy and the day is dull. They entertain the rest of the students with their idiotic yet amusing stunts, questions and antics. They are known to be either annoying to the teacher or admired by the teacher (I assume the first one more).


This guy/girl knows how to get their way through one look. Where “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” holds true for all, they have the beauty all over them. All students attentively wait for these types of students to enter as they bring a relaxation to the hormones of all.  Bow down for Mr/Ms Hot.


The sleepyheads come to get their attendance marked and find their head to the desk. The teacher gets so tired of them that they even stop scolding them after certain point and let them do their thing, as nothing really affects them.


These are almost close enough to the first to hand their assignments. They may not have done it from home but they have the art to be smart in class. They’ve got links with the nerd or with someone who wants to be liked so much that they just allow them to do their thing.


They love to talk. They sit together, eat together, come to school together, raise their hands together and perhaps, God only knows, go to the bathroom together. They are usually laughed upon as they feel to have no friends but themselves. One thing’s for sure, they always have the ins and outs about everything that goes around.


They are the teacher’s most wanted. Why? They love to give every reason for the teacher to not like them. They never do what they are asked and the back is where they are at.


This student may not do his work as well as the other students, but they love to lick their teacher’s feet. They will make the teacher feel as if they worship them for the teacher to be so blind in their love, which he/she let’s go of their negative factors. A huge round of applause for the teacher’s pet.

There are most likely many more kinds that you end up finding in the classroom, but I surely guarantee you, these eight will be present in every class. See for yourself in your next class!