8 causes of blackheads you need to know about


You need not be all that scared of blackheads – they are not really a health hazard or a pathological illness.

They simply just look bad and make you self-conscious, especially when they are so conspicuously situated on the part most visible to all: the face, and worse on the nose.

So, what causes these blackheads?

Here are a few factors.


A specific hormone in the body called Dihydrotestosterone, commonly referred to as the DHT, causes over-activity of oil glands. Consequently, the body starts producing more oil than normal because your skin pores get too clogged. This causes you to grow blackheads.

Women may mostly encounter this pattern during their late 20s or further on when the level of estrogen in the body begins to drop. When the level of testosterone surpasses the level of estrogen in the body, oil secretion is increased. Statistically, about one in three women develop whiteheads as a consequence.


Another important reason behind blackheads is cosmetics and other skin products. Makeup with good odor and fragrances, face creams and the likes clog hair follicles on the surface of your skin, causing blackheads.


There is no scientific proof about an established link between stress and this skin condition. It is, however, believed that since stress causes grey hair, it might as well cause blackheads.

Naturally, when the body is under stress, one tends to neglect themselves. This could also be the reason for blackheads.


Some studies have suggested a link between caffeine and this skin condition. If you are a morning coffee person, who looks forward to that hot cuppa first thing in the morning, think again. If you want to get rid of those ginormous blackheads on your nose, you need a change in your lifestyle.

It has been repeatedly suggested that stimulants in caffeine tend to kick-start the oil glands of your skin. It is also known that alcohol tends to reduce the size of the pores on your skin, further aiding the clogging process. Also, alcohol affects sleep, further making way for those blackheads.


One of the several causes of blackheads could also be smoking. The harmful constituents of cigarette smoke, including ash, tar and various other chemical compounds, can damage the surface of the skin, leading to blocked pores and dead skin.

According to some experts, if you are undergoing a blackhead treatment, smoking cigarette can also cause that to fail. So if you’re in that situation, where you’re doing everything for your blackheads while being constantly engaged in smoking and are wondering why they won’t go, give it up. Smoking is hazardous for health anyway. Why do it?


There is a possibility of a link between certain foods and blackheads. Sugary foods, fried foods and chocolates have been frequently blamed, not just for this, but for many other ill consequences (obesity etc).

It is already an established fact that foods rich in carbohydrate content are disadvantageous to the health of your skin. If you’re looking for a good diet for better and refreshed skin, free of blackheads, make sure you say goodbye to those doughnuts.

There hasn’t been a proven study on this certain matter, however, and the existing ones are mostly inconclusive.


Anything that causes you to sweat profusely, whether it is a high intensity cardio session or a heat wave, may also be the reason for your blackheads.

What’s worse is if you’re wearing makeup while working out. The excessive sweat tends to clog up the pores and with makeup that could be made worse.


This last one right here is considered a crime, a price you pay for with blackheads. The probability of you getting blackheads, if you don’t remove makeup before sleeping, is really high.

So try avoiding these factors and cherish your blackhead-free face.

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