7 Ways to Wake Up Without Caffeine


There is one ongoing fear we all come across from Monday to Friday- the alarm clock going off! Whether you have to wake up to go to school or for work, this dread in the morning becomes a little too haunting. Most of us rush to our kitchens to chug down on a cup of coffee to get us awake and going for the long day to come. Although, drinking too much caffeine can turn to desensitization, which makes it difficult to give the same old feeling you once had. So, it is best for yourself and others around you to find more ways that don’t require caffeine intake to make you feel alive in the morning.

Wake Up With Uplifting Stretches

While you’re still in bed or have found yourself on the floor, one can easily do the yoga pose called, “fish pose.”

  1. Lie flat on your back and bring your hands underneath your hips.
  2. Then, lift your chest above your shoulders and stretch your head back slowly.

Fish pose is one yoga stretch that can kindle your body, although there are certainly more according to your choice and ease.

An Apple A Day To Keep You Awake

Taking a chomp of this invigorating organic product is a flavorful approach to prepare your body into being ready for action. Apples contain common sugars and different starches that can balance out your glucose levels. Different natural products, similar to bananas and oranges, will do likewise. Pair a natural product with a protein, similar to a serving of Greek yogurt, for supported satiety.

Run To Waking Up

Heading outside for a morning run might be the exact opposite thing you need to do while comfortable under warm covers, yet binding up your sneaks in the a.m. has been appeared to help your temperament and vitality levels. Exercise discharges endorphin that’ll make you feel great and more arranged for the day. You don’t need to go on a five-mile rushed to profit. Have a go at something such as the seven-minute workout (which takes about the same measure of time it’d take to mix and drink some espresso) and get a wake-me-up effect in the morning.

Wake Up At The Same Time

As nice as it seems to wake up late on Saturdays and feel lazy on Sundays, it comes biting at you the next day- the horrible Monday. If you keep variations in the time you wake up during the weekend and the entire week, your body will be continuously finding it difficult to adjust to the routine. Keep one time to wake up and wake up every day on that time, your body will then just find the same energy no matter what day it is.

Avoid Carbs In The Morning

If you’re a person who munches on carbs first thing in the morning, then your system will find itself going down as the day goes on. Try to go for eggs, vegetables, oatmeal or some fresh fruits instead of the usually bagels, coffee, etc.

Be Under The Sun

Expose yourself to sunshine in the morning. Natural sunlight jolts your internal clock to wake up better than artificial light. Also, you get natural vitamin C without doing anything!

Give Yourself Time

Waking up is not an easy task, therefore it is important to allow yourself to wake up on your own. Prepare yourself mentally by talking to yourself and informing your mind to how important it is for you to wake up today and that to at the right time with the right energy. What you tell your mind, is what your mind will do.


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