7 Ways to Make This Your Best Ramadan


Many of us start Ramadan with a bang, but lose the spark after a week or so. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how fast this month flew by. In this article I hope to explore some tips to make this your best and most productive Ramadan, InshaAllah.

1. The first step is to organize yourself. The key to a successful Ramadan is having an organized plan which you can then execute. This can be done easily. Make a list of goals you want to accomplish. Then ask yourself why you want to accomplish these things, how you’re going to go about it, and by when do you want to achieve these goals? In this way, you adequately plan your objectives. Now, execute them with the intention of gaining Gods pleasure and approval. Examples of your goals could be doing a good deed which is solely between you and God.

2. To make this your best Ramadan, try to treat it like your last one. Keep in mind that this could be your last time praying Tarawih, your last time fasting in this holy month, and your last opportunity to gain so much reward in such short a period. It really puts things into perspective. This type of attitude creates a sense of urgency which brings about greater focus and determination. You will try to take as much advantage of this blessed month as possible.

3. Try to tame your tongue as well. Unlike what the majority sees it as, Ramadan Kareem isn’t only about restricting your physical body from food and water, but also where we can bring about positive changes in our character with a greater amount of righteous deeds, words, and actions. Our material possessions do not define us but our words do. In this way what we speak describes our character. So, if we tame our tongue, we can strengthen our position in Heaven.

4. You should try to remove distractions from your life, especially during this sacred month. Distractions devour our time and move us farther away from remembrance of Allah. To accomplish the goals we have set for this special month, we need to sacrifice some things. Removing distractions include decreasing our television time, usage of social media devices, or even lazy conversations with friends.

5. You should also try to be more giving and generous this month. Some of you, to compensate for the long hours of abstinence from food and drink during the fast, go overboard during Sehri and Iftari. This type of excessiveness goes against the spirit of Ramadan facts. Instead of having lavish Iftar parties, try to give the extra food to those in need, who fast out of necessity rather than out of fear of God.

6. Try to make a new friend as well. Ramadan shareef is the month of giving, which doesn’t only mean material wealth, but time and love as well. This person could boost your faith, heal some scars, and be a pillar of strength and support for you.

7. Lastly, Step up your game in the last ten nights of Ramadan as well. One night of those ten could be Layla-tul- Qadr. It’s greater than one thousand nights of continuous worship, or 83 plus years. This could be your ticket to Heaven. Make your best effort for your worship to be the same in the last ten nights. Try to read more Quran, give charity, and say more dua. Also try to do your Eid shopping before, so you don’t waste precious time picking out a shirt which you could have spent praying.