7 things brides-to-be can do to have fresh, glowing skin


As the wedding season approaches, all of us want to look fresh and not fatigued. However, constantly under the lime light, the bride-to-be is more likely to be stressed-out and tired than anyone else. Stress often leads to acne breakouts and dry skin, which are the worst things that can happen to a bride-to-be. It adds to the bulk of stuff she is dealing with.

And she can do little to avoid it because of all the work she has to handle. For example, the bride needs to do a whole lot of shopping, all of which is usually done outdoors, which means she is exposed to the scorching, equator sunlight, urban pollution and smog for a prolonged period of time

Stress can add to all this and cause hormonal disturbances. This leaves the bride disposed to bad skin conditions, including acne breakouts, loss of skin moisture and dead cell build up, leaving the skin fatigued.


Despite being very busy, the bride-to-be should be extra careful about her skin. Do not skip your cleansing routine before hitting the bed. Basic three step cleansing regime should be followed each night, which includes cleansing with your facial wash, exfoliation and toning. Use the skin products that suit your skin type: oily, combination or dry.


The next thing the bride-to-be should be careful about is exposure to sun. When you are leaving for shopping, put a thick coat of quality sunscreen of at least 30+ SPF. Sunscreen protects your skin from burning and tanning and builds a film on your skin that blocks loss of moisture. It also partly keeps dirt from entering and blocking your pores.


Once home, quickly wash your face with cool water. If a slight tan or burn has been observed, you should approach the kitchen for these easy tan removal remedies. You may rub a lemon on your face which, being the best natural ingredient to promote clear skin, removes dark spots and enhances the complexion overall. Similarly, a paste made out of squashed tomatoes helps cut tan too.


Daawats and dholkis on a daily basis require make-up application, which can lead to clogged pores if not cleansed. If the clogged pores are another tension bothering you, have no worries, turmeric has got your back. It is an excellent antiseptic to cleanse the impurities and make-up clogging your pores while leaving your skin glimmering. Turmeric can be mixed with gram flour in equal amounts with water to make a paste.


Honey can also be added which would leave your skin unbelievably soft, smooth and well-moisturized. In order to get a refreshed skin, cucumber slice can be thoroughly rubbed on your face and neck for 20 to 30 minutes and can be washed with lukewarm water. It can also be applied overnight. Aloe Vera gel also does wonders for dry skin. An organic mask can be made from pure extracted aloe gel from a plant and washed after drying.


The bride-to-be should focus on preventing bad skin conditions rather than on its cure after there has been a break-out. Therefore, she should not only focus on keeping her skin clean, preventing acne and using home remedies as mentioned, she should also eat healthy for a fresher look from within.


Detox drinks can help keep your skin fresh and youthful. Simply mix and blend in water watermelon/cucumber, lemon/lime, and mint leaves; depending on what the season has to offer. Sugar can be added for improving taste, however, it is not recommended as detox drinks can also help in weight loss if consumed regularly.

All the fruits mentioned in the remedies are even better if consumed rather than applied topically. Five portions a day of fruits and vegetables of season is what doctors recommend. If the bride to be includes this in her diet a month before the big day, it can help her skin glow. Often, makeup artists face problems with brides when they have to tackle bad skin conditions and their make-up does not turn out as glowing and dewy as they want it to be, even though their products are supposed to conceal pimples.

In short, organic eating, cleansing regularly and detoxification can help keep skin fresh and radiant and prepare brides-to-be for their big day.

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