7 Best Ways to Maximize the Impact of Your Scents


Does you scent just go away before you reach at the party? And you suddenly realize that you yourself can’t smell the scent that you wore before stepping out of the house? This articles is especially for those who love to keep their scents for longer

It is really appealing to have a long lasting and highly effective scent. Here are some best ways to maximize the impact of you scents. Keep smelling good!

Apply on the Power Points

Wrist and behind the ears are the traditional point where we usually apply the scent. But applying under your arms is definitely not encouraged. As under arms can sweat and produce sebum that changes the smell of the perfume. To last the impact of your perfume, first make sure your body doesn’t smell anything else, but fresh, by taking proper shower. This is due to the cause that when you would apply the perfume on power points, these would enhance your hidden personality and confidence.

Never Mix the Scents

Mixing and matching scents is not a good idea! Do not apply layers of different perfumes one over another. Stick to one scent at a time. Don’t even keep all of the things such as shampoos, shower gels, deodorants, hair gels, and colognes together in one wardrobe or shelf. Keep all such smelling things in different places, so that their smell cannot get mixed with one another.

Moisturizing is the Key

The better hydrated your skin, the longer a fragrance lasts on it. So, to increase the presence of your scent, use a fragrance-free moisturizer a few minutes before applying perfume. If you have dry skin, reapply your fragrance a little more often.

Carry Your Scent with You

According to perfume experts, fragrance leaves the skin after about four hours of applying it. So, look out for travel-size versions of your favorite fragrance that is mini and cute at same time.

Have a Safe Space

Never hold the bottle too close to your skin when applying scent. Position the nozzle around six or seven inches away from you and then spray. This way, the exposure will be more even. You can also apply some into the palm of your hand and wipe it over the upper body.

Overdoing is a NO!

Make sure your fragrance is not unbearable; people do not wish to smell you before they see you! To ensure this, spray no more than thrice. If you happen to apply too much, fade the fragrance by massaging your skin with a warm wet towel.

For a Lighter Scent

Ok, now there is trick for this. Spray the fragrance in the air and slowly walk into the steam. The spray will spread evenly across your body and leave you with a hint of fragrance for occasions when you don’t want to smell as if you have spilled the whole perfume bottle over you.

Tip for Ladies!

Spraying an alcohol-based fragrance directly onto your hair will dry it out. Doing this might also turn your hair gray early. So, instead, rub some amount onto your palms lightly rum your palms onto your neck or behind the ears.

Tip for Men!

A study by the University of California discovered that women tend to appreciate smells sniffed through their right nostril more than the left one. So when you’re wearing a scent to impress your woman, always be on her right side when talking to her! *wink* Why not just try this!