5 Ways to Show Your Wife How Much You Love Her


Showing love to your wife is pretty simple when you allow your heart to take over your brains. so here you go with some simple sneaky tips to show your love to your wife let your wife know you love and cherish her. Make a difference in your relationship guys!

1.Give and Take

Every relationship requires give and take. Do not expect your wife to love you the same way she did when you first got married if you do not love her same way anymore either. Marriage is a relationship that blooms with time, love grows and the way you love changes however never hesitate to express your love. It can be as small as a peck on her cheek before you leave for work, a rose on your way back or a surprise dinner date. Similarly, you need to respect her in order to gain her respect.

2.Listen and Communicate

Listening is a very important part of a relationship. Whether it is your wife’s story about how her day was or any problem she might be facing at her work place or house chores, she needs you to listen and sympathize with her. Give her your advice if she needs, but do not force your opinions on her. Physical closeness means a lot to women while she is emotionally unstable or facing a problem. You can hold her hand, sit close to her or facing her while she talks to you.

Secondly, you should not solely focus on what your wife is saying but also talk to her in return, entrust her with your issues even if you think she might not be able to help. This will let her know that she is still important in your life.

Lastly, do not play guessing games with her. If something is bothering you talk it out do not expect her to know what you have not told her.

3.Make Her Feel Like a Queen

Many men in eastern world consider it against their ego to give their wife a hand in household chores. If you think about it, it is not a big deal to keep your dirty clothes in the hamper, keep your towel out to dry rather than on the floor, help her clear the dishes after dinner. There are small gestures that will take work load off her shoulders. It will also help her relax mentally if she sees you helping her by her side.

4.Give Her Time to Herself

Suggest your wife to take a day off, meet her friends, go shopping or whatever she likes doing. Everyone needs a break to recharge; this helps them start their work with new energy. Another thing you need as a couple is not just her alone time but alone time for you two as a couple too. It can be evening walk outdoors or some quality time together at home. While you are at it, make sure you are giving yourself time too. Always dress to impress her and practice good hygiene.

5.Self Control

Your marriage might face rough patches sometimes. Make sure to not make it often and always make sure you end that argument and it does not remain unsolved as it might pile on and come up again in the next argument. Try to forgive and forget and make your wife get over any differences between you two. Follow some ground rules in case you get into an argument. If she gets angry, control your rage as two angry people can ruin their relationship. Similarly, explain it to her to practice self control when you are not in a good mood.