5 Ways to Show Love to Your Husband


Men and women are different in many ways. While women tend to over analyze, males are more impulsive. Women need a verbal reassurance of love, men are more visual. We have all heard this. Though, they both like to hear the three magical words, their hearts swell up for different reasons and both expect more than just words from each other. A lot of couples face misunderstanding and controversies if one of them lacks in expressing their love. Here are a few ways to show your partner that you truly love them.

1. Undivided Attention

Texting at the dinner table, reading in bed and bringing work home are some of the few reasons couples get in a fight. Men tend to notice it more if their partner is busy Facebooking on her cell phone while he eats dinner. It translates as ‘she does not love me’ in his head. Give undivided attention to your husband and make eye contact while he talks.

2. Prepare Meals for Him

Often we hear our elders say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his belly”. While a lot of things are changing, cooking is either left to butlers or men are often self sufficient in this field, their love for their lady to cook for them especially when they come home tired from work. Chances are, the wife might be working too; in that case she can cook a surprise meal for him when she gets time. This will make him feel even more special. Making his favorite meal also lets him know how well you know him. Smell and taste research foundation in Chicago found that men are aroused most by sweet scents as compared to other aromas.

3. Dress the Way He Likes It

Dolling up when your husband comes to pick you up for a dinner date, or when he comes home from a business trip refreshes him mentally. Men tend to appreciate the fact that you still want to look good to him and his compliments still flatter you. Doctors say, men’s brains are wired in a way that they respond more to visual cues than women. A study conducted by researchers at university of Rochester, New York found that ladies in red are aphrodisiac to the gents.

4. Compliment Him

Allow yourself to compliment your husband every now and then. Satisfy him by letting him know how he is to you the way he would love to be seen; as your caretaker, provider, solution to your problems and your knight in shining armor. Give him genuine compliments on his strength and looks; show him that you admire him. Do not waste an opportunity to compliment him even for an egg that he makes for the breakfast, when he picks up that jar for you from the top shelf or when he opens a tight jar. When you ask him for an advice you show him you trust his intellect and his opinion matters to you.

5. Give Him Space

Occasionally you can suggest your husband to take a day out for himself, he can relax with his friends and play video games, work on the car or whatever he feels like. Your husband takes this chore-free time as a loving reward. It shows him you support him, and he can be his best self.

In a marriage, sometimes little things matter the most. Thanking your husband for little things like throwing trash, or picking up the kids from school. This will improve his attitude and he might do boring routine chores with more positive energy. Give him long, tight hugs when he gets back home after a long day, prepare shower for him if you want to go an extra mile. It can really improve his mood.