5 Signs you Grew Up in a Pakistani Household


Growing up in a desi family can be quite entertaining and irritable at the same time. If you were born and raised in a Pakistani household then you can easily relate to the following:

The plastic bags are never thrown away

In every Pakistani household, you will find a minimum of two drawers full of plastic bags. And often you will find multiple plastic bags crumpled and dumped into one giant plastic bag.

Your father sneezes at decibel levels that deafen a whole neighborhood

Why is it that every time fathers sneeze, it feels like a blast that can deafen everyone? Several households can hear it and yet fathers continue to sneeze loudly like it is some sort of ritual.

Old clothes are reused in many forms

It is really common in a Pakistani household to reuse old clothes. The proper order is formed when it comes to clothes sustainability. New clothes become home clothes which become night clothes and then, finally they become rags.

There is special crockery reserved for special guests


There is a cupboard in every Pakistani household, which is divided into two sections to store crockery. One section is for crockery to be used by people currently living in the house and another section is for crockery that has never been used. Those new crockery are reserved for special guests only and none of the people we know currently are worth this honor.

Your mom switches of the fan to wake you up

I believe that all desi mothers had a collective meeting where they decided that the best way to wake up someone was by switching off the fan.

How many of these can you relate to? Let us know in the comment below the weirdest things your parents have done or said.