5 Precautionary Measures Against Extreme Heat


It’s BYE winter and Hello spring time already with some very odd weather patterns (probably because of unbalanced industrialization? Possibly? Some might debate). Although spring time may be a season of bird songs and new life coming into being but it soon ripens into summer which will be raining heat on Earth soon (minus all the fun of actual rain!). Although all the summer heat is probably the only reason we have such plenty of bountiful crops and fruits, if we remain unprotected under the sun for too long, we might be in serious trouble.

The reasons behind this are many but the most important is water, an essential component of life. Under extreme heat our body tends to produce more sweat to regulate the body temperature, but ofcourse, we can not consume the daily water intake at one time. Along with dehydration, heat also causes damage to our skin (while at the same time sunlight remains the most abundant source of Vitamin D which is extracted from the Ultra Violet B part of sunlight by our skin), brain damage (because the squishy grey matter is very susceptible to heat) and in extreme cases heatstroke which may result in death.

Although I’m telling you guys much about heat and what good and bad it does for us, that’s not really the reason for writing this post. I want my beloved readers to stay safe in the heat waves to come and take care of themselves along with their loved ones, specially the elder and infants. Practicing the following measures to stay safe during the extreme summertime will help me ensure the safety of my amazing readers.

1. Stay Hydrated

This cannot be emphasized any more because the root cause of all heat related illness is dehydration. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration during summers. Avoid drinking any liquids that contain alcohol or large amounts of sugar because they actually cause you to lose essential body fluids. Also avoid very cold fluids because they may cause stomach cramps.

Additionally you should carry your personal water bottle whenever you head outdoors and make sure to refill if you find a source of clean water. Don’t wait to feel thirsty.

2. Wear Light-weight and Light-colored clothes

Avoid staying outdoors during peak heat hours (12 pm – 4 pm), and if it is not possible, wear light clothes and avoid darker shades to prevent the fabric from absorbing heat. Take a break in shady place frequently and make sure to wear light-colored hats or baseball caps whenever you head outside.

Moreover, spend some time in air conditioned rooms. This can regulate your body temperature and refresh you in a very short time. You can visit shopping malls or stores or kick the car AC up a notch.

3. Love Thy Neighbor

It is our ability to think beyond ourselves that makes us such an evolved race. Freeze water in utensils and help out anyone who asks for it and never shy away from lending a helping hand to anyone. Visit elder relatives and/or neighbors to check for signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion because it takes twice the time for the body of elder people to return to regular temperatures. Always keep cool drinks (lemonades, squashes) because they replenish the salts and fluids in our body that deplete rapidly in heat.

4. NEVER Leave anyone in Car

No matter how urgent a matter can be, NEVER leave kids or elders locked in a car. The heat rapidly causes suffocation in a confined space and if you really cannot bring get them  along, either avoid bringing them along in the first place or turn on the air conditioning.

5. Cut Down on Exercise

It is really not laziness if you want to rest more during the day while extreme heat waves approach. You can reduce the amount of exercise you do, or you can reduce the intensity of your workouts in the scorching heat. Try to balance your diet by consuming adequate amount of protein and calories. Excessive amounts of protein (all the bodybuilders, this is for you) may cause the body temperatures to rise and cause dietary issues.

Summer is a blissful time of the year but when necessary precautions are completely in effect. Always take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay cool this summer!


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