5 pre-wedding rituals you can do for yourself


Everyone has a checklist they tick along, as their big day comes closer and closer. This goes not just for the brides but the grooms out there as well. Some like to call it as their ‘me-time’, whereas others use this time to create further greater bonding towards the people around them – specifically, their family and in-laws.

This time can consist of many factors, be it the typical ‘bachelor/bachelorette party’ or a mini-honeymoon to get to know your significant partner better. This time can swing both ways. With that, there are many cultures that already have tons of pre-wedding rituals, especially in the Asian region, to occupy the time before the big day arrives.

Although, if you’re focusing as a groom and bride to make yourself happy solely by doing things you love or would want to before you get married, then this is your list of options you can go for before you say ‘I do’:


Leaving the city might not feel so safe as you have so many things going on that need to be dealt with your presence only; however, this particular getaway can steam out all the stress those things may cause. Therefore, it makes it an option. You can have a small getaway yourself or you can take your better half or just your favorite girls/guys and make memories down memory lane for the future. Something like how the plot of Zindagi Na Milaygi Dobara unraveled.


This may seem like a bride-only type of a thing, but grooms can equally go for it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you go shopping for makeup or clothes, ladies, and same goes for the guys – it doesn’t mean you go haywire on gadgets and surround systems. You can also opt to go home-shopping and have your safe haven set up before you start your new life together as Mr and Mrs.


People may question this option and be puzzled as to why they would want to write to themselves. Here is why. Because very often do we realize that the state we are writing in would be to look positively towards our future. Also, you will be writing as a single individual with thoughts focusing on how you view things now, and you would be writing to your committed self. This can also help you to handle things if in case they start to go down and this letter can be as a reminder to why you have decided to get married in the first place, restoring back the peace in your relationship.


There are many things we wish to learn in life and what better way to learn something than with your partner whom you adore. You can take up lessons to a certain activity they love to do or learn to play a certain instrument or dance. Like the old saying goes, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ – what better then to learn different or his/her favorite cuisine like a master chef?


This may seem off at the start to why would you want to create distance? This is the reason why, because when there is distance then there is a yearning for the other person, which would help with two things; make you appreciate them and make you realize their importance. It would also be like a reset button for you two, that would start again once you both tie the knot for good.