10 Thoughts we all have on the first day of University


Before starting University, I had a distinct idea of what my Uni life would be like. All the trashy chickflicks/high school movies had made me imagining all the different scenarios in which I would party all night with my friends, crash the entire syllabus a night before the big exam and still ace it. I thought university was my calling. After the awkward pre/post pubescent phase behind me I thought I would be one of those cool kids who had their lives together. People who partied but still got good grades, who were friends with everyone and still were teacher’s favorites. Suffice to say, not all of my fantasies played out exactly how I imagined them to.

Here are 10 thoughts I collected from 10 freshmen who started university last fall.

  1. ‘This campus isn’t quite as big as I imagined…’
  2. ‘Am I the hot guy/girl from our batch? Please god let this be true!’
  3. ‘I will hold my crap together this year. I will hold my crap together this year. I will hold my crap together this year….’
  4. ‘I better take notes of this intro. It may come handy someday…’
  5. ‘I will not let society define who I am anymore. Wait, am I sitting with the cool group?’
  6. ‘Great. 80% of my pocket money will be spent on this cafeteria food, won’t it?’
  7. ‘5 classes a day and 3 breaks? That seems doable.’
  8. ‘I will be best student this university has yet to see!’
  9. ‘Why is everyone staring at me? Am I not wearing pants or something!?!’
  10. ‘I think I’ll like it here.’

Being a second year student myself, I can say that each and everyone of these thoughts crossed my mind. Some of which I still stand by, but most I’ve come to laugh at or regret. best university will never be easy. You will have to study twice as hard and work like you’ve never worked before only to realize it’s still not good enough. Your spirit might be broken and you might even shed a few tears. You will definitely come to regret the day you decided to join university and not get married when the option was made available. But the weird thing about uni life is that you’ll still love it. Every decision you make, every mistake will be your own. You will be accountable or everything with no teacher or parent to take the fall for you. You will finally get to be the adult, you’ve been asked to be time and again. And mind you, it won’t be easy. But it’s going to be all about you and that has a certain indescribable euphoria that will it all worth it. Not to forget the people you meet and the friends you make. In uni you will meet all kinds of people from different walks of life. You will fall in love experience real heart break and you may even meet your life partner. So don’t let yourself open up to new experiences. Open your mind. Pay attention to your studies but don’t let it stop you from enjoying the most fun years of your life.

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