10 national songs you should listen to this Independence Day


With Pakistan’s 68th Independence Day just round the corner, people are getting pumped-up and ready to celebrate independence in full swing, by listening to the top national songs of all time.

We have been singing these for years and years, and most of our national songs have an element of motivating us to be better and urge our patriotic sides to come into action. Therefore, I thought it would do well to jot down a list of the top 10 national songs of all time, which you could listen to in order to appeal to your patriotic spirits.


This was written by the famous Jamiluddin Aali, who gave many national songs to our country, in 1964. It became a great boost to the morale of the Pakistani Army and the country men during the war of 1965. This was sung by Noor Jehan, the queen of melody, with a voice that would touch a million hearts at once. And so she succeeded in doing just that. Every time this song is heard, it brings tears of pride to my eyes for all the martyrs who struggled to keep us free.

War song Ae watan ke sajiile jawaano by noor jehan by ptv99999999


This melody too was written by Jamiluddin Aali. It was originally written upon the request of Chairman of PIA in 1969, who asked Aali to write a song that focused on bridging the gap between East and West Pakistan. This was first recorded by the PIA Arts Academy under Hameed Nasim, but was later instituted to Ishrat Ansari of PTV-Karachi Studios, composed by Sohail Rana and sung by Shehnaz Begum. It was finally released on August 14, 1971.

I am sure that every Pakistani has sung this song once in their life.

Jeeway Pakistan by f100000713276688


Again, it was the lyrical maestro Jamiluddin Aali who penned this song in 1973. As we all recall, this is sung by the legendary Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which gives it the ultimate touch to making it an evergreen song for us.

Pakistan Pakistan – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan by sanath2008


This song is an all-time favorite for all ages. Dil Dil Pakistan was a song that was released in 1987 by the pop band Vital Signs, which was also included in their debut album Vital Signs 1. This song truly gets any audience going, especially since it has been sung by the amazing singer Junaid Jamshed.

dil dil pakistan by dm_515e556b1ddad


The rocking song of our nation that gets everyone’s head and hearts banging was sung by none other than our best rock band ever, Junoon. Our true rock star Ali Azmat was the leading vocalist whereas Salman Ahmed wrote the song and was the leading guitarist. This was released in 1996, and also became the 1996 Cricket World Cup’s signature song.

Hai Jazba Junoon Tu Himmat Na Haar National… by shamrezkhan


The popular trio, Benjamin Sisters, also contributed to giving us a national song of all time. This song preaches a message of unity and reminds us to stay together under one flag, irrespective of province, cast or background. This song is relevant even today.

Is Parcham Ke Saaye by dm_50c363b980032


This classic national song was sung by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, father of the renowned singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan. This song is not as catchy or upbeat, but has a very passionate, deep, soul-touching meaning attached with it.

Aye Watan Payare Watan Pak watan – Ustad Amanat… by myvuacademy


This is another beloved national song which, though old, kindles the same feelings that it did the first time it was heard. This is sung by the King of Ghazal, Mehdi Hassan. For me, the lyrics of this song are outstanding because they tell you that Pakistan is your own nation and that we are held responsible to be its guardians for life.

YE WATAN TUMHARA HAI | MAHDI HASSAN | National… by josh_20001


This song is a personal favorite of mine because the music is just so harmonious with the vocals of Haroon and Fakhir. This duo also performed a very cute dance in their song video which makes it more admirable to be one of the top national songs.

Aye Jawan – Awaz. milli naghma for pakistan by DramaLinePk


Another hit national song given to us by the popular voice of Shehnaz Begum. This song’s composition was also by Sohail Rana.

Sohni Dharti Sabiha Khanum by f100000713276688

So there you have it, the top 10 national songs of all time. I hope that the messages that these songs entail are paid heed to by our people and we turn into the nation which these songs urge us to become.