Research: Newts studied to develop arthritis treatment


Researchers have figured out how to develop new tissue to repair joints affected from arthritis by replicating what newts do.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of joint illness around the world. Experts in Britain have studied newts, creatures of land and water which utilize a procedure called ‘dedifferentiation’ to recover tissue, to develop effective stem cell and arthritis treatment for the crippling condition affecting millions of people.

Presently York University has duplicated this by developing groups of human cells that go to an undeveloped cell like state, ready to develop new tissue.

Currently, there is no treatment to prevent the further development joint pain, and individuals with serious ailments frequently need joint replacement surgery in Dubai

In any case, because an individual’s own bone marrow can create joint tissue the body won’t dismiss when implanted, using bone marrow is a potential treatment.

Dr. Paul Genever told Nature Scientific Reports: “Utilizing this method, we have demonstrated that human cells can likewise be dedifferentiated to an early embryonic stage. They are then equipped for creating new tissues.”

“The following stage is to discover more about the procedure so we can locate the right treatment to support tissue repair in the joint.”

Dr. Stephen Simpson, director of research and programmers at Arthritis Research UK which funded the study, added: “This is exciting, novel work in the field of regenerative medicine, which although in its early experimental stages, could take us a step closer to our ultimate goal of a more effective and much-needed new treatment for the very many people who live with this painful joint condition.”