Real-life Barbie tries to achieve 14-inch waist


The human-version of Barbie doll, Pixee Fox, made it to the news a few months back for the obsessive amounts of surgeries she had gone through to resemble the iconic doll. Recently, she underwent another procedure to get six of her ribs removed. She put her struggle in comparison to that of a transgender, saying she felt trapped in her old body.

Fox, who has practiced being an electrician, has a total sum of £80,000 on cosmetic surgeries in a desire to be her ideal hourglass-like figure. She has taken this passion towards reaching her physical goal to the next level by getting her lower ribs removed, in an attempt to get her waist to a record-breaking 14 inches.

Fox, whose 25, talks of being inspired by cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool World.

The surgical real-life Barbie doll, who is from Sweden, states,

“People often come up to me and say, ‘don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like a cartoon’ but for me that’s a compliment; that’s what I want to achieve.”

“Those cartoon characters represent the idealization of the female body. I want to achieve that ideal,” she continued. “I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face. Having my ribs removed was just another step in achieving that ideal”, she claims.

She discusses her relation to the fight transgenders have.

“There are so many people out there – for example transsexual people – who feel like one person inside and it doesn’t reflect their outside – and for me who I was on the outside was not who I was on the inside.”

With great difficulty on finding a surgeon who would be brave enough to do this surgery, she found plastic surgeon Dr Barry Eppley in Indianapolis, Indiana in October. He then performed a life-threatening five-hour keyhole surgery operation which cost £6,000. This operation, which is permanent, is usually done with medical motives.

Pixee said:

“Getting my ribs removed has always been a dream of mine but it was really hard, almost impossible, to find a surgeon to do it. The only reason I have been able to do it now is that doctors finally started taking me seriously because they can see I’m not a crazy person and that I know what I’m doing.”

The recovery initially required a six-week time, but Pixee was back on her feet just in two weeks, wearing a corset. She said, “I can see the results and feel the difference. Before the corset would push against the ribs, which makes it harder and more painful to wear. Now I can wear it even tighter without any pain.”

She believes, “I think I am pretty close to the world record for smallest waist. If I just get time to heal and workout and continue my lifestyle, I’m going to go down to 14 inches.” The existing record holder is American Cathie Jung, 78, who has a 15-inch waist.

In total she has had four rhinoplasties costing £12,600; four breast surgeon augmentations of 200cc, 525cc, 800cc and 1400cc costing £26,500; two rounds of liposuction at £4,600; two upper eyelid surgeries at £5,300; a labiaplasty costing £3,300; a Brazilian butt lift at £8,000 and cool-sculpting, cheek injections, and lip injections at about £10,600. Counting the rib surgery she guesses she has spent £80,000 on surgery alone.

Currently, she has 70,000 followers on Instagram and contends she is a good role model to them.

“It’s not my goal to inspire people to get plastic surgery. What I want to do is get a message out there that whatever you decide to do, you should dare to be yourself and surround yourself with people that support you for whom you are inside.”

Well, I disagree with her stance completely as she has fallen in the pit of idealism neglecting her real self, which for me is the real beauty that should be represented as an icon to idolize. But, seeing her followers, I guess she is being an inspiration – to escalate the plastic surgery business that is.