Polar bear picture creates uproar on social media


A photographer recently uploaded a photo of a polar bear – the animal’s poor state and the photographer’s view on the photo has made it one of the most-seen photos this week.

Kerstin Langenberger, a nature and a landscape photographer, while working on his project on conserving the ecological system took a photo of a female polar bear. The animal was horribly thin. It had a mere skeleton, was hurt on her front leg, possibly by a desperate attempt to hunt a walrus while it was stuck on land, as per the view of the photographer.

He claims that this was not an unusual photo for female polar bears which tend to stay on Land to give birth to the young – and as the ice is disappearing, the females are moving even north, inwards in the land, where they get stuck, with almost no food and the cubs die one after the other.

He stressed that the climatic change is evident in the Arctic, leading to horrible results, not just there, but throughout the world, which normal people can still not relate to.

He said that in his various expeditions throughout the arctic, he has critically observed how the glaciers are calving and the ice is disappearing, while summers are getting warmer than before.

He further said that he was disappointed with the view of the experts that the wildlife is stable in the arctic, adding that, experts who are working on climatic change are not using the best of communication to reach the masses – a common man does not understand complex graphs and statistics.

He finally let a message across for the readers that maybe one cannot save the entire ecosystem or the bear in his click; but every little action one does to change his ways can be the step in the right direction. One just has to get started and keep on going!