Pakistani-Dutch nominated as representative to the UN


Sarah Afzal, a Pakistani-Dutch, has recently been nominated as the Youth Representative to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

As a young candidate sharing roots from Pakistan and standing as a candidate at such a high and prestigious ground, it brings both Pakistanis and Dutch people pride for having Sahar Afzal associated with them.

Afzal, who also happens to be an Ambassador of Anne Frank said,

“My moment is now. I believe in a safe future for everyone. A future where you can be who you want to be and become who you want to become. Everyone has the right to equal opportunity.”

She gave a good justifying explanation as to why people should vote for her, stating,

“My double ethnicity – Dutch and Pakistani – gives me a unique view on the world. I feel called to represent my “best of both worlds” perspective at the United Nations.”

Afzal spoke about valuing opinions, explaining,

“All opinions are valuable and deserve to be heard. The universal message of Anne Frank must be heard worldwide. I want to represent the strength and creativity of youth at the UN. To bring closer a safe future for everyone.”

She continued on about her aims and ambitions,

“I aim to make the youth more aware of their identity. Also learning to accept and value each other’s differences. I do this through educational art and cultural projects that inspire and connect with the youth’s experiences of the world.”

Afzal has publically requested everyone to vote for her, averring, “Help me to address the General Assembly of the United Nations next year.”