Is your hair falling this winter?


As cool, dry air blows you feel dry skin, nails cracking and hair falling along with dandruff. If you end up having snowflakes on your shoulders in winter it is not due to snowing as Karachiites don’t experience it, but dandruff has found its way into your scalp. Dandruff is not a serious health condition, but the victims of dandruff will do everything to prevent that particular kind of snow from falling as it leads to hair fall. Preventing winter dandruff and hair fall is a challenge that you can win with a proper hair care routine.

Shampoo your hair twice a week only

Excessive shampoo can be harmful for your hair and cause hair loss. It is recommended to wash your hair only twice a week so that you don’t lose the extra nourishing oils that your hair naturally produces. Over shampooing can make your hair dry and fizzy. To prevent dandruff apply a quarter-sized amount of specially formulated dandruff shampoo to your hair. Work the shampoo through your hair, cleansing the scalp area. Let the shampoo sit for five to seven minutes to properly work, and then rinse it out. Wash your hair once a day with the dandruff shampoo, which is formulated to eradicate the malassezia fungus.

Rinse with vinegar

To let your hair shine rinse your hair with vinegar when you are finished with shampooing. Take two tbsp. vinegar and mix it in ten tbsp. water. Now rinse your hair with it and don’t wash it with water later. Your hair will not have the white snowy flakes and hair fall would be much less.

Use lemon juice

Another method to fight back dandruff is to keep your scalp clean. Pour two tablespoons of lemon juice directly onto your scalp and massage it in using your fingers. Rinse your hair completely with warm water. Pour 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into 1 cup of water and pour it over your head. Do not rinse out the final lemon-juice application.

Massage your hair with warm oil

Heat the oil you use. Coconut oil or olive oil are best for the extra moisture your hair needs. Massage warm oil in your hair slowly to let the hair gently sink into your scalp. For better results wrap a warm towel on your head after applying warm oil to your scalp. The oil will get penetrated more deeply inside your dry scalp. Thus preventing dandruff and hair fall.

Sit in the sun

Walk or sit outside in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes each day. Some people find that the ultra-violet rays from the sun help to reduce dandruff in the winter months. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Fenugreek (Methi) seeds

Grind one tbsp. of methi seeds coarsely and soak it in two cups of cool water. Leave it overnight. Strain and use the water as a last rinse.

Neem leaves

Make a paste of neem leaves by soaking the neem leaves in water and grinding it. Apply the neem leaves’ paste on hair. Let it sit on your scalp for half an hour before rinsing it. Don’t apply any shampoo for best results. This remedy is not only best to cure dandruff but also very effective for hair loss. It also helps in hair growth.