‘Champi’ leads to spiritual healing


The traditional head massage, ‘champi’ is getting popular in the West – they not only enjoy it but treat it as a therapy.

The head massage or ‘Champissage’ or champi is a massage therapy and healing form that dates back almost 4000 years ago from the sub-continent based on an old holistic healing system from the region. As per the Hindu scripts it covers the top 3 chakras: sahasrara, ajna and vishuddha.

The treatment is effective for stress and related conditions. The therapy eases headaches, sinus problems, eye strain, neck pain, ear ache and fatigue. It creates a feeling of renewed energy and helps the growth of hair.

One can use it spiritually for healing or may just use it as an old way of relaxation. Its use is becoming considerably popular in the Western world.

Recently, Jerry Hall – ex model and catwalk star – revealed that she uses champi and herbal potions, diets and massage to maintain her health and wellness. She said that even at the age of 60 she never felt a need of a cosmetic surgery, unlike other models.

She did admit that she feels the pressure of looking good, but thinks that herbal assistance with massage, good sleep, water and fresh air is all that is needed for a healthy physique.

Rita Sagrani, founder of the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre, shared her own experience about the thousands of years old massage therapy.

She said that while she was suffering from Crohn’s disease around two decades back, she was introduced to champi in India. She noted a significant difference in her condition in the first week of the healing process – her stress levels went down and her mind became calmer and clearer.

She was so inspired that she opened up her own clinic with a resident doctor, in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia. While not undermining champi as “just another way of relaxation,” she also treats patients spiritually using herbal oils.