Challenge Accepted: I drank 15 glasses of water everyday for a week and this is what it did for me


This year I decided to get into the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ mood a week before everyone else. Because, why the hell not?

So, let me provide a little bit of background here. When it comes to drinking water, I am possibly a zero: 1 being the optimal amount of water a person drinks to stay alive and 10 being the ridiculous barrels of water a person drinks to shed a few pounds and look younger. I am a zero, I repeat. I can’t drink water to save my life because I’m too busy drinking other stuff [If you know what I mean!]. Don’t get any wrong ideas though, I’m referring to all those sugary juices, iced lattes that we reach out for all the time.

Anyhow, in an attempt to take the first step towards fixing my unhealthy lifestyle, I promised myself to start with keeping myself hydrated. All those fitness freaks out there will tell you that its best to drink between eight to 12 glasses of water per day. On a good day, I drink about seven. Don’t even ask me how many glasses of water I drink on a bad day because, well let’s just say, you won’t be able to handle it. And trust me, I have tried all those detox water tricks for a total of about two days. And then I was back to being myself because it was just too much effort.

This is me before taking up the challenge (For the most part, grumpy, annoyed and dehydrated):

But who knew that the whole new year spirit was going to get the best of me? So, there I was, wide-eyed with hopes to turn my life around and ecstatic with the idea of finding out what being hydrated feels like. I took up the challenge to drink 15 glasses of water a day and see what it does for me. That’s double of how much I drink on a good day so you can image what a huge step up that was for me.  It wasn’t though.

Interesting, right? It wasn’t though. All those peeing trips to the bathroom were really not fun. Especially when you’re in office and people get concerned that you’re probably diabetic or just hungover. TRUST ME, NOT AT ALL FUN!


Now that I’m done whining about the general state of affairs, let me get down to the real meat of this write-up. Something you all actually came to read about and not my issues. The verdict is out. It is true, what they say, hydration does wonders for your skin, mind and body.

In terms of skin, water clears it up; in terms of mind, water makes it more alert; in terms of body, water tones it down and even helps you lose weight. But get this straight: water is no magic potion. We understand that 2018 was the year of hacks but let’s not get carried away. It won’t magically make any of your marks disappear or make you thin enough to fit into that dress you’ve been lusting or turn you into Einstein.

What it will do, however, is take you a step closer. For starters, trying out this water challenge will bless you with a sense of achievement. It will help you snap out of your usual I-don’t-really-care persona. And, in the process, it will transform you into a healthier and happier version of yourself. The only downside (which is not that huge!), you’ll want to pee a lot so be prepared. All in all, taking up this water challenge felt good. And if you’re looking to feel good about yourself in the coming year, give it a try. It’s totally worth it.

In case you’re wondering, here’s me after completing the challenge – the glow is visible and for what it’s worth it made me alert and improved my mood x 15 (yayy!)


If you’re curious about which water brand to use, choose whichever one you please. I, however, used Culligan for this water challenge since that’s the one that gets delivered to my home. Cheers!

Join us in this very hydrating challenge and start your new year on a healthy, happy note! Comment below to share your experiences with us.

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