5 Dieting Myths Debunked


Almost everyone is a trend freak these days. We love flowing with the wind no matter what the consequences will be. Anything that is in fashion, majority is following it we love to join them without even getting prior knowledge about that particular trend.

Dieting is one of the most common trends, not only in Asia but around the world. People are going crazy after doing on a diet. Just meet ten people who you know are on a diet, try talking them for some time, in just a few minutes you will realize majority has no idea about what they actually are doing to themselves; in the name of dieting they are starving their bodies and destroying their metabolism. Skipping important minerals and less intake of protein is just not helping them to lose even an inch from their bulky bodies. If someone, by starving, manages to lose weight, he/she loses shine, brightness and freshness from the face as well.

Dieting is simply means eating healthy natural food. Doesn’t it sound simple? It is actually a very simple thing but unfortunately these myths have created fuss in our society in the disguise of dieting.

Here I discuss some of the basic myths about dieting in order to clear the misconceptions that we have regarding dieting:

Skipping Meal Helps Reduce Weight

Seriously? How is that even possible? Skipping any meal never helps reduce weight instead you end up eating a lot whenever you get your hands on food. As well as skipping meal destroys your digestive system too. Skipping breakfast or lunch not only weakens your memory, whereas skipping dinner causes early aging.

A wise idea would be to control your portion of meal. Breakfast should be grand, lunch should be a normal one and dinner should be as less as possible.

Eating A Lot Of Fruits when Dieting

I have seen people eating tons of fruits when they say they are dieting. No! It isn’t the right way to lose weight. Eat fruits but excess of everything creates only problems.

Egg And Milk Increase Weight

Both of these are essential ingredients for an optimum health foods that not only aids in reducing weight, but they also strengthen hair and bring shine to the skin. People who  eat eggs are more active and intelligent than the avoiders. Egg can be taken in many forms; scrambled eggs, vegetables loaded egg, poached egg and boiled egg, whereas one can always have low-fat milk in breakfast.

Diet Soda Is Allowed While Dieting

This is one of the favorite common myths. I have seen people over-eating food first and drink diet soda afterwards. Soda in any form is not healthy to your body, whether you are on a diet or not, soda must be avoided. Diet soda isn’t something alien, it isn’t designed particularly for diet freaks, and is as similar to the normal soda, containing tons of sugar. If you want to be healthy say a big NO to diet soda.

Only Boil Food Should Be Eaten

This is not a bad idea but those who choose this plan of dieting are the most frustrated people. I have seen their condition, they stop enjoying their food, they just stop living, they eat for just for the sake of surviving. Instead of distressing your life, how about coming up with some healthy dishes? How about making your dieting more interesting? You want to eat chicken, instead of boiling, bake it or you can even grill it. Isn’t it a better idea?

Instead of starving yourself and skipping meals, the best thing you can do to lose weight is to tweak your lifestyle. Bring some changes to your lifestyle instead of staying famished all day long. Eat healthy food, go for natural or organic foods, am to drink 8 glass of water daily, hit 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep and incorporate exercise in your daily routine. Enjoy your life. Stay fit and be healthy.

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