Show Your Liver Some Love


Did you know that the liver is one of the largest and most important organs in the human body? Not only does the liver help to facilitate and oversee your body’s digestive process, it also manages a host of other essential bodily functions without which your health would be in big trouble. To give you a basic idea of the workload shouldered by this exceptional organ, we’ve compiled a simple list of some of its key tasks:

  • Ensuring that the body’s hormonal system is balanced and stable
  • Responding to demands for immediate release of energy
  • Manufacturing important proteins that are needed by the body for growth and development
  • Managing the smooth transportation of fat around the body
  • Filtering out and detoxifying all the harmful substances that enter your body

Often the liver does not get as much time in the spotlight as some of the other organs, but that does not mean that it needs any less attention. So what can you do support your liver and ensure that it carries out all the functions listed above? It’s quite simple: just make sure that the following foods are included in your dietary plans. These foods have been endorsed by experts for their positive effects on this vital organ. So make the right choice for your health and add these foods to your grocery list.


Walnuts are not only an excellent food to ward off cravings for junk food and sugary snacks; they are also a delicious treat for the liver. They contain arginine, a compound which helps the liver to convert ammonia into harmless components. Walnuts also have a generous glutathione content which enhances the overall functioning capacity of the liver.

Carrots and Beets:

Richly colored foods are renowned for their high nutrient content, and carrots and beets are no different. Excellent proportions of beta carotene and flavonoids have earned these vegetables a place in several healthy diet plans. These compounds are often recommended for strong vision, but that in no way means that their benefits are limited to your eyes. These two super elements help in the very significant task of cleansing the liver and ensuring that all the harmful substances it filters out do not end up clogging its efficiency.

Leafy Green Vegetables:

The level of pollutants that your body is exposed to on a daily basis is staggering. These pollutants can range from mild to downright toxic such as chemicals, pesticides and heavy metal traces. While your liver is responsible for the main detoxification action, leafy green vegetables such as spinach can lend a helping hand.


This spice is easily recognizable because of its yellow color and subtle yet distinct flavor. A little turmeric in your regular diet is just the thing your liver needs to rev its enzymes into actions. The spice stimulates and triggers the enzymes that eradicate carcinogenic compounds from your diet.


Avocados are often labeled as super fruits because of the impressive plethora of benefits they offer to so many different parts of the body. The liver is no exception. Glutathione is needed by the liver to perform its cleansing functions at an optimal level. Luckily, avocados have a hefty proportion of glutathione on offer, which helps the liver pack a punch when it needs to power through detoxification.

The Takeaway

So now that you know all about the importance of the liver and the best foods to facilitate its functioning, all you have to do is implement this learning into your lifestyle. For more information on detoxification and its importance, you can read Have You Tried Detoxifying Your Body? A healthy liver will contribute to your overall health and aid you in your aim to become physically fit and strong.

If you have any questions for Team HTV, or if you would like to share your insights about liver health, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. As always, take care and be happy!

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