Sheesha: The Sweet Killer


You laugh, you enjoy, you smoke and you pass on. With each and every puff you inhale, you move closer and closer to death. Sheesha is the modern term for Hookah. It alludes to the seasoned tobacco used in the smoking process utilizing a water channel. It has been seen that Sheesha is getting popular with every passing day. The velocity with which it is obliterating a whole generation is disturbing and undoubtedly alarming. Whenever it is about putting a ban on Sheesha in Pakistan it appears to be as if the administration has no writ by any means. As indicated by the bill passed in the Sindh Assembly, Sheesha is already banned, however the reality is not hidden at all. It is still easily available at several renowned bistros/cafes and restaurants. May it be the restaurant chain of Do Dariya or the bistros at Khayaban-e-Sehar or Zamzama. In the wake of announcing it illegal and harmful, Sheesha is still openly sold around Khayaban-e-Rahat, Tariq Road, at the famous Dela Wala close to Forum and several other locations in the city with bans on it. Lahore has partly managed to get rid of Sheesha and Sheesha cafes but again several cafes at the famous M.M Alam road are still operational late night or early in the morning. What is more surprising is how the cafe owners and managers already know the raid timings and days and so most of the time are successful in evading serious consequences.

Individuals smoke sheesha regularly and have made it a part of their social activity and almost daily routine. What these youngsters do not realize is that this social activity slowly turns into a deadly addiction making them dependent on it. In Pakistan, majority of the young adults begin smoking sheesha at the age of 16 to 18 amid their school life. Smoking sheesha today is considered fashionable and “cool.” However, sheesha hazards on health deem it extremely unsafe.

Sheesha smoking has clearly demonstrated that it has genuine health consequences. Sheesha addiction effects include damaging the lungs and the heart, and two key organs of the body. Lung cancer, urinary bladder cancer, mouth cancer, cancer of the food pipe, emphysema, low conception weight, asthma attacks and pneumonia are a portion of the health perils connected with sheesha smoking. Sheesha smoking can also lead you to comma, this happens when you blood goes out of the minimum amount of oxygen it requires. Excessive sheesha smoking can also cause sudden heart failure. Quite a few of us think the water filters the tobacco and that it is comparatively safer than cigarette smoking however give me a chance to assure you this is not the situation by any means. Smoking tobacco through water does not filter out tumor causing chemicals. Water-separated smoke can harm the body organs as much as tobacco smoke.

The smoke from sheesha, besides other hazardous components, contains several conceivably perilous substantial metals like, arsenic, cobalt, chromium and lead. Visit the kitchens of these bistros or eateries you cherish going to and I’m certain you’ll be appalled. They hardly change the water in the base of the sheesha which is usually filled with fungus, the metal pipe from the inside is always wet as it stays in contact with water and coal bringing about funnels loaded with rust. In what capacity would you be able to potentially be smoking something loaded with fungus and rust? I am again a witness of a renowned cafe’s kitchen where I saw several tiny cockroaches crawling inside the flavor boxes. Your life is still in your hands, save it now.

Numerous individuals have the misconception that sheesha flavor is generally molasses, less tobacco, so it is not harmful but in real fruity flavors have a tendency to cover the poisons present in sheesha. Individuals are more inclined to utilize it in abundant sums supposing they are just breathing in fruity flavors. Pan Rasna, Vanilla, Berry, Gum, Grape, Blue Melon are all toxic substance in mask, it is more like a topping to give you a nice taste while you inhale poison.

Here are some ways to get rid of this ridiculous activity. Instead of staying free all the time go out for some exercise, keep yourself busy with sports, gym or other house works. Be a bit strict with yourself for your own better. Remove all smoking triggers, stop meeting or hanging out with friends who smoke, maintain a healthy diet and consume loads of water and fresh food items. Try establishing positive attitude towards everything and you are all set for a long and healthy life.