Sehri Tips that will keep you hydrated all day


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All Muslims around the globe are observing long hour fasts in scorching summers. One can control the hunger for 15 to 16 hours but keeping yourself distant from water in the killing heat is indeed a very difficult task. Last year, many people lost their lives around the globe because of heat stroke especially in Karachi, Pakistan the death rate reached to its extreme height. We all try our best to fill ourselves with gallons and gallons of water in Suhoor so that we don’t become a victim of dehydration, but trust me, drinking these gallons of water in Sehri is of no use as they only make you visit LU more. For that reason, we’ve got you these eight sehri tips to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Healthy Sehri Tips to Stay Hydrated

I have some important sehri tips to share with you which will keep you hydrated throughout the day:

  1. We all are habitual of finishing our sehris at the eleventh hour and some moments before Azaan we start filling ourselves with as much water as possible. This is a very wrong practice. Instead of eating at the last moment, one should eat maximum half an hour before Azaan so that you get plenty of time to drink water. Keep a liter water bottle with you and try to finish it before Azaan.
  2. Once we get to break our fast we start eating and drinking crazily which end up making us feel lazy and drowsy. Once you hear the Azaan first eat one or two dates then drink a glass of water. Don’t fill yourself with water, be patient, instead of drink gallons during iftaar, try to drink liters of water till Suhoor.
  3. Eating eggs in breakfast is a very common norm which we follow in Suhoor as well. Do not eat egg yolk in Suhoor as it makes you thirsty. Looking for more sehri tips? Keep scrolling.
  4. One of the best sehri tips is to have a small bowl of yoghurt in Sehri also keeps you hydrated the entire day. You can also have lassi intead of yoghurt.
  5. Avoid eating salty dishes such as pickles as they increase body’s need of water. This is the most important of all sehri tips.
  6. We all go crazy after colored drinks (rooha afza) during Ramadan. Replace these drinks with fresh juices as they are healthier for your body.
  7. Another important sehri tip is to avoid hot and spicy food in Suhoor as they also increase your thirst.
  8. Eat vegetables in Sehri as they are rich in water content and fibre.

The food you eat in Suhoor should be chosen wisely as it plays vital role in keeping you hydrated throughout the fast. We all are huge fan of food and we just can’t keep ourselves from not eating those spicy, mouth watering dishes but we can have control over the portion of food. This Ramadan stay hydrated with these sehri tips and eat healthy food.

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