Raid at Civil Hospital Karachi


An Anti-Corruption team, accompanied with the Judicial Magistrate and Rangers, conducted a raid at Civil Hospital Karachi on Friday and took the hospital’s five- year record into its possession.

As per details, an Anti-Corruption team headed by Deputy Director Tariq Qureshi, entered the admin block and completely sealed it for everyone until they left taking the last five year record of the hospital.  They went through records while inquiring about accusations of purchases of spurious medicines and embezzlement in the purchase of medical supplies and equipment.

The Deputy Director said, “Our team had conducted a raid in the pharmacy department of Civil Hospital Karachi, following information of irregularities and mismanagement.” The information was gathered from various sources. He further said that education and health were the top most priority of the anti-corruption department.

The team also went through hospital documentations and found records of “ghost employees,” as well as workers who had been receiving two times their actual salary.

Sources said that upon learning of the raid, higher management of the hospital as well as the administration of the pharmacy department ran away, whereas Medical Superintendent Civil Hospital Karachi, Prof Saeed Ahmed Qureshi was on leave and was abroad.

The team had conducted the raid after information of alleged financial and administrative corruption from the budget of 2013 – 2014.