Protect Yourself from Allergies with These Winter Safety Tips

Winter is coming…and so are the allergies – keep yourself safe with these winter safety tips!


If itchy eyes, perpetually stuffy nose, and severe headaches are making your life a living hell, try these simple winter safety tips!

The season to suffer from pollen allergies is over, your miseries might not be! If you are dealing with winter allergies you might experience cold-like symptoms.

The chances of getting allergies during winters increase because most of the time is spent indoors. This makes you more susceptible to indoor allergens such as dust mites, molds, and animal dander. Moreover, the lack of ventilation as the windows are kept tight shut also increase the chances of contracting allergies.

In order to help you stay safe form these allergies, we have enlisted some useful tips below:

Saline Sprays

In addition to moisturizing your nasal passages and keeping them from drying out, use saline sprays.

A few squirts of saline spray can remove trapped allergens from the inside of your nose.

Protect Yourself from Allergies with These Winter Safety Tips

Use the spray before sleeping to save yourself from breathing the allergens for 8 hours.

More Vacuuming

While the best solution that will save you from the allergens is to remove the carpets from your house, vacuuming more often can help you too. Obviously, investing in a renovation of that magnitude might not be possible for everyone. Therefore, if you cannot get rid of the carpets at the moment, vacuuming will definitely get rid of the dead skin cells and other allergens. The dust mites feed off such substance and removing them will automatically control the development of the allergens too.

Ensure Hygiene Especially In Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the favorite hiding spots for dust mites. If you are not sure what is causing your nose to stuff, your bedding might be the one to blame. Buy covers for your mattress and pillows that are impervious to such allergens. Also, ensure that they are clean. Make a habit of washing them regularly. We recommend hot water for washing as that would kill any allergens lurking around.


Cockroaches are another huge threat when it comes to allergens. Not that they are gross enough already, roaches can cause asthmatic symptoms as well. They especially affect people suffering from allergies making breathing extremely difficult for them. Unfortunately, it is not easy to keep them at bay and occasional spraying might not be enough. Therefore, we recommend that you call an exterminator before the arrival of winter seasons to reduce the occurrence of such allergies.

What If You Do Get Allergies?

Use Home Made Teas for Relief!

Protect Yourself from Allergies with These Winter Safety Tips

In case you catch an allergy, there is still a way for you to overcome it before the matter gets worse. We are talking about home-made remedies for instant relief. Teas made from natural ingredients have immune-boosting properties that keep the infections from aggravating. Most common and easy to make teas include green tea and cinnamon tea. They have a calming effect on the allergy affected individuals.

Moreover, spices such as turmeric and improve immunological functions as well.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you should also take other winter safety precautions. For example, avoid opening windows as that might allow germs and bacteria to enter. Similarly, keep extra care of cleanliness in your house and ensure that no molds and dust mites accumulate in there. Moreover, use antibacterial cleaning agents to discourage the growth of infection causing allergens.

We hope these tips will help you stay winter safety tips will help you protect yourself safe from allergies.

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