Medical and dental colleges warned of charging extra fee


Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has directed management of all private medical and dental colleges in Lahore to not to charge extra fee from their MBBS and BDS students.

According to sources, private medical and dental colleges have been asked not to make any monetary demand or charge any other charge/donation on any pretext, other than the annual fee as laid down in the PMDC regulations, or else the institution found flouting these directives will be liable for action under section 22 of the PM&DC Ordinance, 1962.

Claiming that millions of rupees in the name of donation were being charged from MBBS and BDS students, the sources said that the PMDC has devised “Admission in MBBS and BDS Course and House job, Internship and Foundation Year Regulations – 2013” to ensure uniform standard of medical and dental education in the country.

According to these regulations, the fee will be charged yearly only and at the beginning of each year.

There shall be no extra tuition fee for supplementary examination and students repeating the year shall be charged 25 per cent for one year only and after that full yearly fee shall be charged, the sources said, adding no medical or dental institution training for MBBS/BDS in the private sector shall charge tuition fee more than 642,000 per annum, per student, while seven per cent will be increased per year.

He said, this fee shall exclude university examination fee, taxes, hostel fee, transport fee and the one-time admission fee which shall not be more than Rs 50,000.

News source: Medical News Pakistan